Today, W9R1, I bored the dog

I have been doing all my runs to date on the treadmill and was thrilled to manage 5k in 33 mins on my last W8 run (I went over time to make the distance). This morning I thought I would tackle the week 9 runs outside so I took our ever-loyal, but not all that patient, dog along.

Right, firstly, who put all those hills and that sand out there?

Secondly, who else has a dog with a superiority complex? In a sort of crog (x between jog and crawl) up the last hill of the morning I glanced at the dawg and he was WALKING beside me with a pitying, bored and resigned expression and he actually whined (he often does this when I stop to chat with other dog walkers - it means HURRY UP).

I managed to spend 30 minutes covering 4K so feeling very deflated. Will cheer myself up with the thought that after two more runs of 30 mins I will have earned a lovely 'graduate' badge!

Should've gone outside sooner. :(


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10 Replies

  • Never mind - you'll soon be giving your dog a run for its money! It is different running outside but you will adapt and enjoy the challenge and the variety. Good luck with the final two runs!

  • Aw, thanks. In many ways, now I have had a sit down and a think about it, outside is actually much nicer, it's just dented pride which is silly really.

  • Oh there's no time for regrets! You were outside running with the dog. Nothing finer! Well apart from the dog enjoying it too I suppose

    You did good! Nothing to moan about at all. If you run 30 minutes you get that shiny badge come run 3 of week 9. No worries about the 5 k. Plenty of time for that after Graduation.

  • I think the dog found the downhill bits tolerable! Very excited about the prospect of the shiny badge and thanks for the encouragement, much appreciated.

  • Gotta admit I did my first run on the treadmill today (week 8 run 3) and found it miles easier on the treadmill. Set pace and run. No people to avoid. No climate. No wind. No rain. No rises and falls in the floor. One smooth run. Felt I could have run and run!! Back to the outdoors for me!

  • You are wise MancBird! Outdoors is a lot fresher and I seemed to be less drippy when I finished, so it wasn't all bad once I had stopped tripping up over my very sulky bottom lip!

  • Well done on finishing it. I think the switch between outside and in can be difficult. I've tried doing C25k doing both methods and I think reaching the end is important, not how you chose to run. Don't worry about the dog, you'll be challenging his stamina in no time!

  • Thanks CathrynP, though I doubt I will be challenging the dog's stamina anytime soon. You are right, of course, reaching the end is such an achievement by whichever method. 8.5 weeks ago I would have pulled my laughing muscles if anyone had said I could run for 30 mins with no tea breaks!

  • Ah yes. The mutts will do a brisk walk while I'm sweating buckets and gasping for air and 'running'. Or if I'm even slower they'll stop to sniff frequently and turn into anchors. Ah well, we all get exercise eh?

    On the plus side I can rile my big dog up before a hill. Them you get a little boost as he pulls you along. It's only a little bit of cheating.

  • Fantastic idea. Have threatened the superior one with an exchange programme for a pack of Huskies. [evil laugh] Joking, wouldn't swap wee Gyp for anything.

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