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Can't believe I did it...

Just ran my first 5k. It took me 38 mins. Was indoors on a treadmill no incline, but im so happy. My previous best run was 33mins. But tonight I just felt like I could keep going. Struggled earlier in the run around 22 mins but suddenly found my breathing was easy and natural and my legs just relaxed and in a good rhythm. It was great.

I have been running indoors since graduating but hope to do a run sat. Morning outside.

Even managing without Laura!!!

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Well done it is great when you achieve something isn't it. What speed did you have the treadmill at. I struggle to get the speed right after running out doors.


Hi Angie, thank you. I had the treadmill at 7.6kmph.

Last week I tried an 8 run (hard) and a 7.8 run (30 min). The 33 minute runs I have done have been at 7.6 and for me this feels right.

Running outside is more fun though isn't it. Looking forward to spring...


Thank you for your reply. Yes running outside is much better, I'm just not keen on the rain and gales.


Whoohoo! Feels great, doesn't it?

Sometimes I find running for longer easier than running shorter times - the first several minutes always seems like an adjustment. Sounds like you settled into a rhythm that worked for you - even a runner's high perhaps?


Yes thank you rdw. It's hard not to watch the clock running on the treadmill.

I was going to stop when I had run 35 mins but noticed I was nearing the 5k mark and just went for it. Didn't really notice the minutes ticking on at the end... lol I think it must have been a runners high...

Looking forward to running again on Saturday.


38 minutes that's fantastic!

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Thank you. Have been running outside lately in the mornings and find it much more satisfying than the gym. Any run is good though eh? .....


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