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Didn't think I'd do it but I did :-)

I've just completed W4 R1 and I'm still in shock! No way did I ever think I could jog continuously for 5 mins......but I did. No 5yr in tow today just beautiful blue sky and a gentle breeze :-). Reading all the helpful blogs and questions on here are a really helping to keep me motivated. I'm becoming a better person mentally and physically. Thank you all :-)

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I totally agree. I've just completed week 4 and am so pleased seeing as 4 weeks ago just one minute was tough for me. You are so right about being a better person mentally and physically. Here's to the next 5 weeks, eh?


Congratulations on completing week 4 you must feel really proud :-) How did you find it? I've read that a few people have found it their toughest week. I suppose everybody is different though and some runs are good and some are bad. The important thing is to keep going. I'm really enjoying it so far.'s to the next 5 weeks. Be good to hear how you get on :-)


Couldn't agree more. Each week seems to bring another milestone, you end up being able to do something you weren't sure you would be able to.

And the forum is definitely a major plus.

Just wait until you have done w5 r3. I find it quite mind boggling that I was able to do that and it wasn't overly difficult either when jsut a few weeks ago I could only manage 60 seconds.

Good luck with future runs and enjoy.


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