Couch to 5K

I didn't think I'd manage that one

Well, it's all snow and ice here, short days, long nights and the temperature is about -3. I stopped running when the path I run on got very slippery with ice, but searched the forum to see how other people had dealt with ice and snow, and invested in a pair of yaktrax. The first opportunity to try them out came on a day when I'd had a restless night, some ten days after I'd done W6R2, and as I felt tired and a bit nervous about the running, I decided I'd go for a walk instead.

In my life, decisions are followed by bouts of indecision so by the time I left the flat I was wearing all my running gear and ready to run just in case I felt like it (which I didn't). As I trudged out in the yaktrax I realised I'd got my thinnest pair of socks on and no gloves, so my fingers and toes were already starting to get very cold. Well, you won't be surprised to hear that I couldn't decide whether or not to go back to the flat for socks (it's the 13th floor, so you have to wait for lifts up and down - a waste of good daylight time) so the practical side of me took over and after I brisk walk for five minutes I ran! For the full TWENTY FIVE MINUTES! Fingers and toes got very warm and my face felt as if it was glowing.

I usually pass (sorry, that's a lie - am passed by) five or six very slim, fit, lycra-clad runners each time I go out on the river path but there weren't any today, just a few people out walking. I'm a bit shy about what I look like in comparison with all these heroes, but like to think they don't even notice me. Anyway, I'll be running as well as they do some day. Perhaps. I've taken C25K very slowly, fitting runs in when I can. How amazing to able to become so much fitter at the grand old age of 51. When I went back to UK in November I found I'd cycled up to the top of the hill to work without noticing (usually I have to push myself a bit and sometimes get off).

There are two things that have been troubling me apart from shyness. One is sore arms. Lots of aching. Particularly my right arm. The forum tells me I'm not alone. But I'm not sure if it's holding my shoulders in tension, or because my arms have woken up and decided it's time to build muscle (I'll look forward to that).

The other thing is dehydration. The air is dryer than home, perhaps because of the underfloor heating. I have frequently had bad headaches the day after a run. I've started running a backpack holding a couple of small bottles of water wrapped up in some legwarmers that suppose I might need and never do. The answer seems to be to drink lots of water IMMEDIATELY after the cool down period (and it often happens that I haven't got back home by then - in fact it always happens when I have been indecisive about whether to turn round half way) so often when I finish I am between fifteen minutes and half an hours walk away from home, enjoying the river, but a long way from a chance to rehydrate.

I'll see if I can fit in W7R1 tomorrow before I fly home to the UK for Christmas! That's an in-decision...

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Sounds like you're doing really well there Shug! Maybe your arm is down to tension. Yo could try letting your arms hang loose by your side for a little while and shaking them out a bit, letting the shoulders drop. I do that quite a lot and it seems to help. As you get fitter and stronger, your arms will too so I think it's probably just a niggle that will pass. You could do a bit of to build them up a bit as stronger arms will help your running, specially uphill!


Thank you! I love this forum. Any query I have, other people have the answer. It's lovely knowing you are not alone, not at all!


Sounds like your running is doing great, but the decision making needs work! Well done for getting out there. I've not tried yaktrax for running but they were superb on ice in Norway in the early part of this year.

Enjoy yourself and stick with it - it's so worth it!

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these yaktrax sound great!!! I have rehydration issues too. I seem to need stupid amounts of water but then I do sweat profusely. My tummy also dislike large quantities of water before running so I tend to sip more water the evening before. its a tricky one and I have no doubt some goos tips will come throught here for you. Well done !!

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You're doing brilliantly to be out there in the snow and ice :)

I'd definitely try upping your fluid & central heating is generally very drying but now I think I have underfloor heating & actually it does seem worse?!

Safe trip back to the UK

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