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Week 5 run one in the bag, yippee!

It was back to school in earnest for me today, getting ready for my new class. It also meant a change in routine regarding my running which I have been doing in the mornings, but today I did it when I got home at 6.30pm. Initially I wasn't sure I was going to manage, I found the first 5 min run quite hard, but I listened to Laura and took it steady. The second run was easier and when Laura told me that my third run was over I actually felt I could have carried on a bit longer. I found I took less time to recover between each run and at the end. I can honestly begin to see that I am making progress. I felt quite elated to complete it as I had been nervous about starting week 5. I now feel much more confident about tackling run 2.

Ok, so my knees are hurting again (old age!) but I have iced them, taken the ibuprofen and strapped them. This routine seems to help get them back to normal within a day or so.

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well done. i'm also on week 5. just done run 2 which i surprised myself by completing. i can't imagine doing 20 minutes though on wednesday!?


Well done chipstick! Great that you were motivated to go running on the very first day back at school. I do my weekday runs at about 6:30pm too and love running along watching people stuck in their cars in queues of traffic. Although when it starts getting really cold and dark, I may be looking at them with envy!

I did W5R2 yesterday and loved it. Run 3 - The big 20 minutes - is tomorrow and surprisingly, I'm itching to get out there!

Good luck chipstick and Rosie 2607 for the rest of week 5 :)


I completed wk5 r1 today on holiday on Gwitham beach in Cornwall. It was pretty hard work, but I think that's partly cos I'm not used to running on wet sand! Really pleased :)

Well done everyone


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