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Laura says.... Wk4 R1 done!

Well, Laura I am very sorry. I didn't mean any of the things I called you, esp at the 2min 30 marks when I truly believed you were gonna say 60 secs to go! Not happy abt the last run tho - whats with the music break n new tune with a different beat eh?

It was tough but not overly so today n I felt so proud when I heard I'd run more than I walked, I'm actually starting to believe I can do this. My mate who only started running a year ago is doing a marathon today, so if he can do it, why can't all of us?

I even finished on a sprint again. Me! My magic potion of half a banana n glass of milk (urgh to both) seems to kick in at just the right time and the distraction technique still seems to be working for those who want an update.

Roll on R2!!!!!

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W4R1 today for me.. surprised myself as i really thought i was never going to manage this! Although me and Laura did have a few words on the run round


Yay go us!


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