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Getting started

I've never written a blog or kept a diary before but somehow I think I'm going to need to do this to keep myself motivated. I've never done sport either - I used to take as long as possible in the changing room at school so as to shorten the actual lesson time. PE teachers just laughed when I couldn't run. So here I am, 62, over weight and slightly amazed at my own audacity in thinking I can do this programme.

W1R1 was hard but it got easier. W2R1 last night went ok until the last run, which was completed through willpower. I then felt thoroughly sick. Also whereas on the rest days of W1 I actually felt good, today I just feel tired and I have craved something sweet to eat. I had to force myself to do my regular static bike ride and it took 40 minutes to cycle the distance that usually takes 30.

I think it might be a good idea to take 2 rest days, but worry that that is a bit of a cop out and that if I miss a day I'll find it harder to motivate myself to do R2.

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take 2 rest days! It's awful to feel sick during or after a run so go slowly. Try to make the walks as brisk as you can because they are a great way of building stamina. Short, fast steps are better than strides. If you walk just fast enough to avoid breaking into a trot, then the run just has to be that little bit faster. You will get fitter as you go on. Fruit will help your body deal with your craving for sweet things so try making a smoothie or milkshake :)


I think the body is going through adjustments..listen to it but don't give up on the programme. If you feel you next an extra rest day, take it. Think about what and when you eat before running too...I got a bit sickey in the early stages but find now I'm best if I have a light breakfast and run an hour after. I know that might not be practical for everybody, but it's about trying things out and finding what works for you. Also a small snack at the end might help. If you've got onto week 2 you can definitely do this. Good luck :)


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