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Week 3, started


I cannot believe it. I’ve completed week two and have done the first run of week three

I’m still having to pinch myself that I am willingly putting on my running shoes and stepping out the door. I don’t have a sports teacher yelling at me to speed up and forcing me to run until I can’t die. I’ve got Sarah millican telling me to keep running pet and I’m enjoying it

I did find the first run of week three to be more challenging than the previous week and definitely am feeling the impacts on my legs today - but I’m hoping with a days rest and plenty of water I’ll be back up and running on Wednesday

I’m weirdly really looking forward to week 4 and every other week. I have a big family event coming up in a month and would love to be able to say proudly I’m a runner. I did tell them a week ago I started the programme and got the usual oh it will never last

I’ve read so many posts this week about people who are further down the programme who have completed and you are all a huge inspiration for me. Sometimes it definitely feels like I’ve got a huge crowd cheering me on

Thanks to everyone


Update: Ran the final run this week and it was the first run I felt like I had failed but all because of my own fault. Because it was so hot today I waited until quite late to do the run and where I run is in some woods which normally have quite a few dog walkers and cyclists.

I started well felt more comfortable at a slightly faster pace than normal then about half way through I realised it was too dark to see properly. I realised too that I hadn’t seen anyone and that it was getting too dark and I ended up scaring myself.

I was stumbling round trying to find the nearest path I could and ended up full on sprinting for three minutes so feel utterly exhausted.

definitely lesson learnt. Don’t run in the woods when it’s too dark because I’ll only scare myself

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I haven’t even put one foot over the threshold yet.. but thanks to your post I will . Keep goin pet!

Definitely do. It’s weirdly addictive and fun, and that’s from someone who has never run before. You can do it :)

Amazing! Keep going, and ignore the it will never last. I got that from the few family members I told at first, and I'm still here!

Sarah is the best, you feel like giving up and she says, come on, you can do it and suddenly, yes Sarah I can!

I was in the same position of oddly looking forward to the next run. After thinking about it as I puff along the path I think it's because this is a decision I made , no one saying you should or you have to, just pure determination of your own.

Keep it up, you can do it!

Thanks passingthought :) just a simple keep going can get me through :) Where are you in the programme?

There is something so motivating about thinking I’ve chosen to do a run and that it is flexible and I definitely agree Sarah is so good, Geordie accent definitely helps cheer me up too


Well done. Careful, that enthusiasm is contagious and you might just encourage others to enjoy running too!

I love the idea of “run until I can’t die” - that’s my new ambition. And possibly another tshirt design.

Enjoy the next one.

Mashedpotato in reply to Jay66UK

I would definitely buy that t shirt and run proudly in it. All of us definitely need a t shirt business :) and thanks jay for all your support, I’m definitely finding that this is addictive and even say fun?! Still can’t believe I’m saying that but it is

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We need mugs too!

Hidden in reply to Hidden

I mean the kind you drink out of - not the Love Island kind!! 😂

Mashedpotato in reply to Hidden

Hahaha there are certainly too many mugs around at the moment on tv - and not the drinking kind 😝


Great to hear of your continued progress and fantastic that you have that goal to aim for, there are likely to be days when it is harder to step out of the door so just keep focused on that goal enjoy your running!

Definitely can’t wait to say I’m a runner and actually believe it. Still think it’s not real that I’m getting up and going on a run

Yay! A fellow W3er! I did R1 yesterday and loved every second! I’m looking forward to early tomorrow morning (meant to be another scorcher), and I’ll do R3 on Friday.

I also can’t wait for W4. I’m always peeking ahead to see what’s in store. It’s such an amazing feeling of achievement isn’t it?

Go runners! 👍🏻🏃‍♀️😀☀️

Hey - I’ve got the same running days as you! Good luck with the heat tomorrow, I think I will give a run in the morning a go, normally I run in the evenings but it does tend to be a bit busier

Yeah it’s definitely such a good buzz when you’ve completed a week. Definitely looking forward to the 20 minute run in week 5 - only so I can say I’ve done that run

cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to Mashedpotato

Yes I saw that, and I’m looking forward having that under my belt too! 👍🏻😀

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W5R3 is the best! I was on a high for days after that. You’ll smash it.

Mashedpotato in reply to Hidden

I can’t wait for that feeling. Bring on the next two weeks 😊


You have got a big crowd cheering you on! All of us. Well done for getting this far. You got this.

Mashedpotato in reply to Hidden

Thanks Welshwitch :) this community is truly amazing and I don’t think I would get this far without it

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Me neither- I never would’ve got through it. These guys are the best. Good luck & keep us posted.


Wooh hoo Mashedpotato, it’s a fabulous feeling isn’t it? Well done you!! 😁❤️

Incredible! When people used to say running made them feel happier I thought they were on something! Now I’m one of those people 🤣

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Enjoy those endorphins!

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Mashedpotato

Tell me about it! Totally crazy was my thoughts. Now we’re in on the secret and it’s marvellous! 😁

Haha so true. We definitely need to have t shirts printed or something 😝

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