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Slow and steady wins the race??

Just completed W7R2. Used Endomondo to track my distance for the first time (isn't it brilliant?) As suspected, I am well off the pace for 5km/30 mins. Did 3.2 km in 25 mins. That's approx 8 mins per 1 km, rather than 6mins per 1km. Oh well - I guess I still have quite a way to go. Still, I ran for the 25 mins, and don't feel too disheartened. Am slightly worried as I have planned to do a Park Run (Bristol) 5km with my friend once we have finished the programme. Looks more likely I will have to run for 40 mins, not 30 to complete....and possible hills!

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Dont fret about distance or comparatively slow speeds, many of us dont get to 5k by week 9 it is just a catchy title and an aim.

Well done on your progress :-)


Only very few manage 5k in 30 minutes, I am running 8.5 minute k's but happy that I can keep going. So you are doing great.


It will come-I graduated 2 months ago and have gradually upped my pace from 8 mins per k to 7.5 and yesterday for the first time 7.1. Once you finish you can try Laura' s speed podcast which I really like.....


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