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How do I reach the goal of 5k?

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I’ve done whole nine weeks now and am running for 30 mins three times a week. But I’m still only running around 3 km per session. How do I push on to run the whole 5 k

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Keep on running.. the more you do.. the more it evolves.

Long, slow runs build the new legs and the stamina and strength up... and with that comes distance and yes, speed.

30 minute runs... longer runs, shorter runs, shake up the routes too and then give C25K + podcasts... which teach us a great deal about speed, pace and stamina. They are challenging but fun..

Take a peek at Bridge to 10 K and look at the pinned post, Consolidation and Continuation... loads of support and tips there:)

When I did this before after a couple of weeks of doing the 30 mins I worked out a 5k route and just ran it with my own music, not sure the bridge to 10k or whatever existed then, or at least, I hadn't come across it. Perhaps if you're doing 3 k in 30mins add on another 0.5k initially. I have to say that I never got very quick but I didn't really worry about it.

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Thank you for your reply, I’m lost now I’ve finished couch to 5k. So I would need to run an extra 5 mins per session? Is this what you mean

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Well, I guess I meant to use a map or an app to add 500m ( half a km) onto your route, without worrying about the time, but you could add 5minutes successively till you get to 5km. As below, maybe take a look at the next stages.

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Thank you

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The best way is to run longer duration gradually... you need the endurance in place to then work on speed

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Congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

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Run further. That increased my speed. How about ju-ju-‘s 10k plan over on the bridge forum? Lots of hills also helped me build speed 👌🏽

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Thank you

Don't feel like you have to! Obviously it's great if you want to go for it but don't stress it! I have been going since April and still feel new to it and I am nowhere near 5k yet, but in the last few weeks I have realised I don't care! I stressed about it for months but something clicked one day .....that it's fine, maybe one day I will go for it, but right now my snails pace is great for me 😁

I'm in the same boat so have decided to run for 40 mins to start with. I'm building up by doing run 10 walk 5 run 20 walk 5 run 10, with the aim of shortening the walking parts.

The bridge to 10k starts with runs of 5k and 5.5k so that's not really appropriate.

I've downloaded the Strava ap, which gives distance and time, as a guide.

Hi Scobs, well done on completing the programme 😊 I guess it depends on what you want to get out of your running. I started back in March and after graduation just did the consolidation runs & gradually went further each week. Yesterday I ran 13k but I still can’t do 5k in 30 mins! 😄 My natural pace seems to be around 7 mins per kilometre. When I’ve tried building up speed I just end up injured (I’m old!) and have to take a break. Plodding around the countryside gives me huge pleasure - I’m 2 stones lighter, sleeping great and my blood pressure is now normal (it wasn’t before C25k) My recommendation would be not to stress about the time yet - just build up the distance and worry about it later, if at all 👍🏼 Good luck with your running!

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Thank you. So maybe I should add extra 5 mins each week?

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