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Just W5 R3 to do now!!

Had a rough couple of days at work, holiday displacement, and not wanting to be stuck inside the souless box I work in and dealing with returning student issues.... any teachers on here should recognise this one! Anyway, the thought of today's run was the only thing that got me through. Having realised that running around a local rec is rather boring I thought I would liven up my mid week schedule and do a run along the river nearish to where I live - it is a big tidal river and the shore is sandy muddy shingle! A very different running experience that also included a rather undignified scramble mid 5 minute recovery, which made me really pooped. Still, I persevered and am convinced that 16 minutes on shingle

and slightly hilly woody cliff top tracks is more than equivalent to twenty minutes non stop running (can you see my cunning psychological ploy here!) on what will be a nice flat footpath - where my next run is planned.

So, I await Sunday in fighting form, determined to complete my first full 20 minutes (even if ridiculously slow). Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone else about to do W5R3. Have a great weekend all.x

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I don't think it's a ploy, I think you have a good point! :-) And also, I think a lot of people find interval-less running easier than keeping on starting again, as long as you pace yourself at the beginning (something I still find hard!). Have a great run on Sunday!


Thanks for the encouragement - I am still enjoying making a decision as to where I will run tomorrow. All part of the pleasure of this new exciting activity that is becoming slightly addictive!!!


Well done, and I agree running on shingle has got to be harder than footpath. You will be fine with the 20 minutes, I'm sure. I think it's one of the best runs of the plan - dreaded it but hey, what a feeling when you do it! And you will.


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