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W4R2 - Whoops disaster.- and ouch!

I think one of the problems I'm struggling a bit with this week is because I'm off work. My job is quite sedentary, sitting at a desk all day, so it's quite nice to go for a run at the end of it but this week we are on staycation and have been going out for the day, which has been involving quite a lot of walking. Yesterday we didn't get back from the zoo until 7pm and I was tired from being on my feet all day but was still eager to go out for a run. Decided to take exactly the same route as I took last time, a circular route which pretty much exactly brought me back to where I finished the five minutes warm up just as I finished the last five minute run. So I finished the 5 minutes walk down just as I get to my house. Perfect!

The first thing I noticed though was it was quite chilly and in just my short sleeves it took me a while to literally warm up. Then as I started the run I had this niggling sensation in both my knees and one of my ankles but it wasn't too bad and it didn't get any worse so i just worked my way through it. In terms of my mind it was much better than last time because I knew I had done the run before, so I couldn't really tell myself I couldn't do it. As usual the last five minute run was really tough but you can imagine my horror when, just after Laura said I had 2 1/2 minutes to go on the last 5 minute run, I discovered I had taken a wrong turning somewhere - a BIG wrong turning and I had been concentrating on my running so much that I hadn't noticed until it was way too late. I thought I was coming up to the road to the underpass which is where i usually go back down into the walk but in fact, to cut a long story short, I was still over 2 miles from my house! Can you imagine?

I finished the run and then did my 5 minute walk down and still had a long way to go. My family were waiting for dinner (I said I'd only be 30 minutes) and I was getting cold again, I had no choice really but to do short bursts of running and walking, which felt really tough on my knees and my ankle.

Well I made it home! Tracked the whole run (and I can see what I did now and feel very very stupid indeed!) The whole thing - including the walking was 4.83 miles!

My knees are fine now but my ankle isn't great. I think it has stiffened up over night, It's ok until I try and put weight on it but I have noticed it feels a bit better when I put my running shoes on rather than bare foot (probably the support) Anyway today is a day of rest but I really really wanted to complete W4R3 tomorrow because Sunday will be another long day on my feet and I don't think I'm going to be able to fit a run in. But obviously I don't want to go for a run tomorrow and then hurt my ankle so much that I'm in agony and ruin my day out with the family on Sunday. What to do?

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We just finished week 4 and my husband is experiencing heel/ankle pain. due to a few other issues through the weeks, we are leaning toward he just needs to build his lower leg muscle up. From reading on here, maybe it would be wise to take an extra day or two off instead of risking injury? I am amazed how far you went last night...GREAT JOB and GOOD LUCK!


TeeHee, Couch to 5 miles! :D Well Done!


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