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Running shoes

Just completed my final run of week 3 and feeling good! :)

However, the pain I had in my lower leg/ankle area hurt a bit too much for my liking after today's run and so felt I should take some ibuprofen for it. Thing is, it doesn't really hurt during the run, it doesn't bother me and if it's not damaging me I'm happy to continue running. It's on my left leg facing outwards, feels like a tendon? Not sure - but it started hurting a couple of months ago.

So either; I have really hurt it one time and every time I run it will ache a bit (not sure for how long) or am I running wrong/got the wrong trainers?

Question: Is it worth buying expensive fitted trainers? I'd rather not, but if I will be running at least half an hour 4 times a week, will I need them to reduce further risk of injury?

Or, have people found that trainers for 20-50 quid seem to suffice?


...and keep running ;)

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I went out and bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday to see if it would help with my shin pain. I didn't spend a fortune (under £50) but on the other hand they have to be a lot better than my old pair, which were very old.

Haven't run with them yet so I can't report any changes but watch this space tomorrow morning.


Got my gait analysed and invested in new shoes, with specially moulded inserts (specifically for my feet and running style) Made a huge difference - no more calf pain or shin spints. My trainers were on sale half price so 'only' cost £48. If your going to keep with the running its worth the money


It might be worth going to your GP and seeing what he or she says.

I was in a running shop yesterday. They have quite a few things on sale, I presume because the new autumn/winter stock will be coming in. They had some Asics that look a lot like mine for just £30. Now, I'd bought mine (and then hardly used them) a couple of years back in the US at a shop that specializes in looking at how you walk and job before recommending shoes to you to try on and see how those suit you. Despite hardly ever wearing these shoes before, they haven't given me any trouble at all. That said, I've only just started and did Wk2 Run1 yesterday.


Thanks! I went and bought some Asics yesterday and ran with them. They cost 39 pounds plus i bought some gel insoles for 15 quid. The pain in my leg didnt hurt as much this time around so fingers crossed! :)


I would go and get fitted in a proper running shop - but be vcompletely upfront with them and explain you need to do it on a budget. Ask do they have any of the right kind of shoes on sale or on offer on their website. They've got a long term interest in getting you into running!

I got some after a couple of weeks when I had a first go at this earlier this year and haven't regretted it at all - more comfortable and I feel safer in them


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