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Running shoes??

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Okay, you'll maybe know I'm having a bit of a time with shin pain....apart from stretches pre and post run, running on grass where possible, trying to correct do you know which shoes to buy?? I do wear decent trainers...been a gym goer for couple of years but I'm not sure they're 'Running shoes?? πŸ€”πŸ€”

It is very off putting I find, to discover you can actually 'do ' running........only to find that if you do your legs fall off on the way home!! 🀣🀣🀣🀣 ......ouch..

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Get a gait analysis and new shoes in a good running shop. They will advise you and save you lots of pain X


This may help

I have just developed shin pain so I have ordered some compression sleeves for my calfs. I am hoping they help as I really don't want to stop. I did buy running shoes but I might visit one of these shops to get a better idea if I need something more suitable. I really don't want to stop!!!!!


Most of it was in the shoes for us. We had gait analysis done at SweatShop and bought trainers and insoles. Not had any trouble since. Not cheap and other will tell you stories of how they got cheap trainers and they do the job. But if you want to avoid injury and pains, at least go to t shop that specialises in running.

I also had shin splints at first. Really bad. The only thing that fixed it was rolling on a fairly solid foam roller twice a day. Took about a week for the problem to go away, and regular rolling before each run has prevented it coming back.

SoniabrownGraduate in reply to TonyLatimer

It can go away all together?! Oh thank God....its agony isn't it? I haven't got a roller at home but I did all the stretches before and after and ran on the grass.....still could hardly stand for the pain when I'd finished! Should I roll and not run for a week then see how itI is do you think? Or did you keep running during that week?

So i stopped for two weeks and just rolled and stretched. Then when I started again I stopped and walked the moment it came on then ran as soon as it eased off. Only took a few minutes if you was the moment it hursts. Don't run through pain! No point No fun. Within a couple of weeks the problem had gone, and has not returned.

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