Back out there after 5 weeks off

I had to take 5 weeks off as my son went and broke his femur on the 2nd December. So after spending all day at the hospital and still having to work. It all got a bit hectic and no time for running. So went out on monday and only managed 3.7k due to strong winds and hail. I just had to stop. So finished that run feeling a little defeated. So went out this morning with more positive attitude. So was well pleased when i managed 5.06k in 34 mins. So back on track I think. Well lets hope so as signing up for 10k run in April xx

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  • Wow. What a return to running. Well done you. So sorry to hear about your son! I do hope he's on the mend. I bet that run helped you clear your mind and give you some much-needed "you" time. It does help if it's not blowing gales and snowing. I hope you can get some more runs in while your son recuperates

  • I think you did really well after 5 wk off & gales, and great time for the 5 k ! That's to me is fantastic . Hope I'm as fit as you after my absence after injury . Don't know how long as yet , but up to now it's been1 wk & 3 days ! See physio tues , so will have a rough idea then . Well done .

  • That's brilliant time Congrats Hope sons leg mending well Good luck for april

  • Well done Snats. That's really good coming back after a long break like that. A speedy recovery to your Boy.

  • Great return. Very well done! Good luck with the training and 10k run in April.

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