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when do i rest and when do i get it checked out?

I am on week 4, have had very sore calves (i land almost full footed and heel down last just), which i thought was fair enough- have done a bit of running before but never more than 1.5 miles and after a few weeks the calves always got used to it (not like they had a choice). But as of last weekend the inside of my shin- running up from ankle bone- really really hurts, its fine the day after although tender spots to the touch, have massaged, taken extra couple of days rest but really quite worried about running on it and I WANT TO RUN. Stupidly i went for a bike ride instead yesterday- now have sore knee, sore thighs and a flare up of old bursitis injury in back of knee grrrrr.

I went for gait analyisis and new trainers last Saturday and Sundays run almost had me in tears, i could barely walk back! not sure if it was the new trainers, the fact that it was week 4 and more running (may have pushed it a bit, new trainers, i thought i was invincible) or the off road gravel and pot hole avoidance...any advice?? Can't have hubby overtaking me on the weeks!

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Hi. Really sorry to hear your having a few problems. Not really sure what to say other than have you tried compression socks? I have to wear them all the time otherwise calves get really tight, they work for me, and you don't have to get really expensive ones either. When I had my gait analysis they told me that I may get pain on the first couple of runs in my new trainers due to your foot being in a different position and getting used to where the trainers are supported differently to your old ones. Also sometimes you can do them up too tight and this can affect how your feet and legs feel. Obviously if the pain gets no better and is really painful then you may be wise to visit your GP just to be on the safe side.

Good Luck and Hope something helps. :-/


lol think I have a pair of the NHS ghastly blue ones from last pregnancy somewhere. I never knew that about the new trainers though, that makes me feel a bit better, thanks :)

Will see what happens tomorrow (gulp).



A link I found about shin problems. Might be of interest.


Thanks for the link, I tried some of this and it did help, still hurt on the post run walk though, bit of a strange time to fee it.

Will take some practice, new running mantra- lean forward and relax you feet!!


Hi, don't forget "RICE" - rest, ice, compression, elevation.

If you have any pain, it could be a strain or sprain from before you changed the shoes (if your gait meant you were over-stretching one side of the leg). Try the icing (bag of peas is always a good one) frequently, leave it on for 30 minutes or so whilst watching TV. Do it a few times a day for a few days. The compression socks are ugly, but might be just the ticket - anyway I heard it isn't too warm in blighty at the moment so shouldn't be an issue :) Also try taking a low dose of Ibuprofen (3 times a day 1 x 200mg) for a few days to help reduce inflammation in the tendons, ligaments or muscles.

If it isn't feeling better in a few days get it checked out. But don't worry, sprains & strains can take a while to settle down.


So running in the hailstone yesterday was ice on the move???

Running shop has said i can go in and they can check my gait again with them on (they checked barefoot standing and on treadmill with a generic trainer, but not in my originals or the ones they sold me- and about 10x faster than I run, maybe dreadmill doesn't go that slow ;) )

Off to find the frozen veggies.


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