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Reluctant Husband

I have to admit that I am the 'reluctant husband' referred to by "oona".

I'm not a runner (yet) but have always enjoyed sport but never saw the point of just running for the sake of getting from A to B. I think that I've always wanted to be able to run a 10k or half marathon but could never get myself motivated to get fit enough to be able to do so.

I hit the big 50 in March and although I still cycle, play tennis, badminton and hill walk none of these activities are done often enough to maintain/improve my fitness.

With some encouragement I have today completed week 2 and although I can't say I will ever be a natural runner (6' and 15 st ) I have to my surprise nearly enjoyed the process (so far). I think that I have found the first couple of weeks relatively easy but my concern is that soon I'm going to have to get out of my comfort zone and actually work hard and experience some pain.

Good initiative by the NHS just the structure I needed.

Q. Should I take on water during the run/walks or at the end during the cool down process?

All I can say is watch this space!!

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Hey well done you. I have never run in my life and can now run 5 miles in an hour on a good day. I found the program totally addictive and it's totally helped with my chronic insomnia which is fab. Hope you continue to enjoy it and all the health benefits it brings. :)


I don't worry about water until I get home afterwards. Although it may seem like a bit of a shift at first, it's only really half an hour of moderate exercise.


Well done for getting started. I'm sure you will be feeling the benefits already - extra energy, sleeping better (as Cattery says), sense of achievement, etc etc. I, too, have a reluctant husband who SAYS he is starting C25K tomorrow!!

I have plenty of fluids (morning tea plus about 1 1/2 glasses of water) before I go out for my runs and don't take water with me, then have a couple of glasses when I get back, and usually find I need extra water for the next few hours.

Good luck! Keep blogging.


I take water with me and have a sip whenever I need it. It is probably a bit of a comfort blanket for me but it makes me feel happy!


Hi reluctant husband. I finished a week or so ago and never bothered about water on the run. I did after the first few weeks take care to have a drink before setting off which is probably a good idea as you run for longer. I wouldnt worry about the pain barrier either. If you follow the plan and tips its more mental than anything else, except I did occasionally get the beginnings of a stitch which disappeared after following Laura's advice.(Breathe in inflaring stomach and out slowly while dropping your pace for a bit). Make sure you have a day off in between or a couple if you feel you need it. Good luck


Not carrying water has turned out better for me, just make sure I drink before I go and plenty when I get back


The C25K is great but I hope you know how to breathe properly! I'm about to start W9 and still can't breathe 'properly'. I wish I'd known in the beginning what a failure I was, I'd have spent a week or 3 learning how to breathe!!! Like most others, I don't take water with me as I get too tired to be carrying extra weight around with me! I have a drink of water before and after and it suits me, so it'll be whatever suits you. Good luck,


Great news that you are enjoying the journey. Keep it up! I find that if it's hot or I am running excessive distance (longer than about 12k) then I need fluid but for shorter distances and cooker weather you will get used to drinking before and after.

@ stay in bed... Who's to say what breathing is correct/incorrect? Do what works best for you. I breath differently from what Laura prescribes and it works ok for me! It's a bit like saying you 'have' to run at a certain speed or with a certain style... It's for you do do it your way!


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