No one warned me about this!

W6R1 today and as a treadmill runner up to now I thought it time I ventured into the open air. Actually really enjoyed it although it was strange having to moderate my own speed and I think I may have run slightly faster than on the treadmill. But THE FLIES!! It's ok for Laura to say take deep breathes but 3 flies found themselves at the back of my throat. Particularly disturbing for a vegetarian! Not sure there's a solution for this cos I can't run with my mouth closed. Anyway, I think I will continue with the outside. I'm lucky to have an old railway track nearby that goes for miles. Strangely enough I felt like a proper runner today for the first time.


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12 Replies

  • Hello minsterjane!

    Heartily approive of you venturing outside! Shame about the flies BUT maybe something as simple as a thin filmy scarf tied over your mouth will filter them nicely! I think there is a marvellous multi-purpose invention called a "buff" which would do the same job - i've never seen one tho so don't know if they come in differing fabrics/thicknesses - personally i wouldn't want anything too thick wound around my neck on a balmy summer's day! Maybe they come in tech-fabrics - that would be perfect!

    All the best and yes, the railway track sounds great - you can sprint up the banks for some hill work too!

  • Yes, as BP9 suggests, a Buff, also known as a Wrag is the thing you need. Multipurpose for keeping your hair or sweat out of your face, ears warm or mouth shielded against UFOs. I have quiet a collection now as they tend to give them out in goody bags at OCR events, and are generally made of very light wicking materials so not hot or sweaty in summer.

  • A buff would indeed work, but I'm not sure it would be particularly pleasant to run with anything covering your mouth. The good news is that after a while you'll learn to discard the little buggers without swallowing them, and on the odd occasion that one finds it way all the way into your stomach, just rest assured that they're an excellent source of protein.

    You can always explain to your vegetarian friends that it's not like you try to kill them, they're more like kamikaze flies intent on giving up their lives in order to annoy you.

    Glad you ventured outside. It's so much more refreshing than the treadmill :)

  • you could try running in an elephant/rhino costume? That way you could avoid the flies AND enjoy the stares of the passersby... Ok perhaps not so sensible a suggestion, but well done nonetheless not only on getting to Wk6 but on getting outside.. shame to waste our balmy summer's weather.. oh and a mac ( the clothes not the computer) might be appropriate then too..

  • I seem to remember something about gorillas being vegan but getting enough B12 because of the insects consumed incidentally...

    Buff worth a try. I have several with me most of the time - this morning I had one round my neck (because I often leave the house with something 'normal' over the top - in this case a long dress and it really needed accessorizing - I can't believe I just said that...) Whipped the dress off to run but left the buff on as it was a tad nippy and I've been poorly. Then realised I couldn't find my hair clip, so used another to keep my hair back. Often hand them out to friends and relatives who have omitted to Be Prepared.

  • ...hmmm hope you had something on under the dress...Else you would be running in the buff in more ways than one lol!

  • Haha!

  • I thought it was just me!!!

    I drop the kids off at school with my maxi dress over my running kit as I used to call all the mothers turning up at the school gate in the gym kit a 'middle class cliche'!!! I was obviously a little green eyed monster .......

  • Thanks everyone for the various suggestions. Think the rhino costume takes the biscuit but I will definitely see if I can get a runners buff. Prefer to get my protein in other ways!

  • good to get off the treadmill. I find that 20 minutes is about the limit of my patience. Time passes much faster outside. Parkrun seems to take no time at all, but 5k on a treadmill goes on forever.

    The railway line reminds me of a song lyric by Al Stewart - apple cider reconstitution

    "And the rails go on for ever in a silver trail to the setting sun

    You can follow them anywhere you want to go"

  • I prefer protein from non-fly sources as well and have found that I've a fairly accurate 'fly hotspot map' in my head for local footpaths. As you get familiar with your local outdoor routes, you'll learn where they congregate. And running along wafting your hands in front of your face, whilst not elegant, does seem to avoid accidental inhalation!

  • Oh the images in this post - rhino costume / maxi dress / mac / arms waving .... Who thought running could be so much fun?! And so much to learn - the essential skill of ejecting unwanted flies without altering my stride. On a serious note, thanks for all the comments, I will definitely continue the outdoor running although the thought of me running up and down banks made me slightly hysterical

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