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Week 5 Run 3 done. Bring on the longer runs! ;-)

I completed W5R3 this morning and enjoyed it. I had loaded my own music onto my mp3 player (a collection of cheesy rock tracks from a CD called "101 Running Songs"), so after listening to Laura for the 5 mins warm up, I switched her off. The songs are all at different beats per minute and I think I ran a little fast for the first 5 minutes as I was tiring quickly. Then 'Runaround Sue' came on (see I told you they were cheesy!) and I caught that beat and ran to it. Apparently this song has a beat of 138bpm and I felt this a comfortable speed.

I managed the 20 minutes and kept going for another 3 minutes to take me to the edge of the woods again. Looking at MemoryMap, it was about 3.25km for the 23 mins running, so not fast, but not too slow.

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Great - isn't our progress amazing - well done. I like web site for downloading music. Good luck for week 6.


Heh, I have that CD, and also the sequel "101 running songs, lap 2". It's actually pretty good! I found it so much easier to run to good music, rather than the rubbish that is on the podcast, that now i'm on the home stretch and all my runs are long ones I think i'm going to say goodbye to Laura for good :(


Well done, its a great achievement!


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