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The BIG 3

It was time for a change. unhappy, unattractive, unfit: the big 3.

These words float around inside our heads, it is a shame that they are not harmless paper flies that we can swat away; they have a sting. They jab and the venom seeps into our bodies and slips into our minds. The anecdote? Well mine is this programme.

Sun presses itself through the misty morning trying to dry the damp. Leaving my forlorn mother at the door, I gaze over my shoulder to check if she is still securely in the door frame. Leaving the weeping girl with wind stirred hair flocked by the sooty doves, cemented to the platform. Leaving the ever distancing norm frozen, soft breeze all but tickling the buds to bloom.

I am starting week 4 tomorrow and I cant wait, my feet run to the beat, my heart leaps to hear it. W3R3 was surprising at the last 3 minutes and Laura said I should slow, I felt I could continue on and on into my future. I dream about W5R3, I don't fear it, I cant wait to face it.

I am changing, I am slowly chipping away the prefix un off the big 3.

Happy, Attractive, Fit; The BIG 3.

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Good luck with your spiritual journey, running definately lifts my spirts :-)


Happy, Attreactive, Fit. Here here. I think we all want these big 3.

Good luck with future runs.


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