Big smiley face :-) I've just done week 9 run 3 I'm a GRADUATE!!!

Big smiley face :-) I've just done week 9 run 3 I'm a GRADUATE!!!

I'm ecstatic! I feel fabulous. A great run. A great programme.

My husband was waiting outside our house, in the lane, with a laurel wreath that he'd just made (see photo) and his version of a GRADUATION medal, which he'd also made.

So that was a lovely surprise as I gracefully ( ;-) ) glided into view.

I can't rate the couch 25k podcasts highly enough, nor the fantastic support on this forum.

I feel so alive. And my legs look pretty fab too!!

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  • Congratulations and what a fab husband

  • Thank you - and yes, he is!

  • Congratulations! I bet it feels fantastic to have graduated!

  • Thank you. I feel over the moon to be honest. When I started, 9 weeks ago, I didn't realise how important it would all become to me. It's a great feeling.

  • That's fantastic, well done! And what lovely support from your husband, who obviously realises what an achievement this is. Enjoy your running x

  • Thank you. It's just the start isn't it. I would never have guessed that I would actually want to go out running for pleasure. Now I can't get enough of it! X

  • Congratulations! What a wonderful start to the day!

  • Thank you. I was so excited when I went to bed thinking about the graduation run, it took me ages to get to sleep. I felt like a teenager again. I was up at 7.30 - on a Sunday!! to go running!! Me!! Amazing.

  • Hurrah!! And what a lovely husband!!

  • He's fab. It was totally unexpected. Almost as much of a surprise as me completing the couch to 5k programme!

  • What a lovely thing to do. Well done.

  • Thank you. It's been making me smile all day as I can imagine the Blue Peter scene in our kitchen with laurel leaves everywhere, card, pens, ribbon etc

  • Fantastic! Congratulations.

    And I love your front door. And your wisteria.

  • Thank you. And thanks for the comment on the door. The wisteria has been fabulous this year, although as you can see, it's on the turn now.

  • Aw thanks KK. Keep going. Don't give up. It feels so brilliant to be able to run for 30 minutes without passing out. You are so capable of doing it. And you're nearly there! X

  • Kitty! Get out that door with a smile on your face! That's an order. I am just about to go out and I am smiling like a nutter cos Roop graduated

    Speaking of which .... very many congrats and back slaps Roop! You're a star. Your husband is a brick I must say. Laurel wreath!!! Crikey. He must be as pleased a you are then. Did you do a victory lap? LOL

  • WELL DONE. Go for it KK x

  • Thanks for the back slaps Miss W. Much appreciated! The OH really pushed the boat out didn't he! Mmmmm - obviously after some Brownie points - and duly given. The only victory lap I could manage was round the kitchen table x

  • Congratulations!

    Love your wisteria too!

  • Thank you. The wisteria is really abundant this year. Maybe I'll post another photo. It's a pain when all the flowers drop off though as they all end up in the house. Never mind, a small price to pay for such beauty!

  • Aww thats lovely! Congrats! :)

  • Thank you :-)


    You must be feeling amazing!


  • Thank you - and yes, I do!! I haven't felt this good for years!! X

  • Fantastic, well done, drum roll, orchestra! So glad you got your badge today. Well deserved. I like your victory wreath your husband made. Enjoy the rest of the day, do something nice to celebrate. Rest day tomorrow and you can plan your next running journey. Ever so many CHEERS. Best wishes.

  • Thanks fitmo. Doesn't it feel great! This ought to be prescribed on the NHS ...... Erm hang on a minute - it is!! lol

  • Congratulations! You deserve to feel great.

    Love the laurel wreath - what a sweet and supportive hubbie!

  • Thank you. I keep telling him that everyone on this forum is praising his efforts. Praise where praise is due. He was even sat out in the lane on a garden chair waiting for me!

  • Congratulations and a massive well done :)

  • Thank you.

  • what a lovely hubby...and what a lovely door you have too, and a beautiful wreath :)

  • Pleased you likes the door!! (And the wreath) I guess it's "just" a typical french door (I'm in France) but it has a certain charm and suits the house!!

  • Congratulations that's fantastic and what an amazingly supportive husband. Just love the wreath. I was thinking of you when I did my week 9 run 1 this morning, Was thinking 'got to keep going, got to keep going Roop is going to graduate today. Can't be left too far behind.' See you inspired me! Happy running,

  • Ah Azores! Thank you. Only 2 more runs for you and I will be congratulating you. I'm pleased I spurred you on! What are you planning for post graduation?

  • hi! Congratulations! I started today, W1R1, it is so good to read success stories! :)

  • Thanks for the congratulations. Well done for starting the programme - it will be one of the best choices you've ever made! Hope so anyway. Whatever your reason for starting, you have got 9 great weeks lying ahead of you which will change your life. Best of luck :-)

  • What a lovely surprise for you. And what a thoughtful hubby. Well done on completing c25k. Nice badge :)

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