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Parkrun results for NHS Couch to 5k 18/08/2012

Results for Aberdeen parkrun, event number 46, 18/08/2012

Elizabeth STOTT 00:32:08

Results for Ashton Court parkrun, event number 67, 18/08/2012.

Ness COLLENETTE 00:33:41

Margaret SELVEY 00:35:48

Gillian SELVEY 00:36:12

Results for Basingstoke parkrun, event number 223, 18/08/2012.

Kate ADAMS 00:30:05

Ken BISSET 00:32:52

Sarah LEE 00:32:53

Results for Braunstone parkrun, event number 94, 18/08/2012

Joanne SMITH 00:38:07

Results for Colwick parkrun, event number 60, 18/08/2012.

Emma Louise PETERS 00:35:29

Results for Edinburgh parkrun, event number 144, 18/08/2012.

Emma Louise PETERS 00:35:29

Results for Edinburgh parkrun, event number 144, 18/08/2012.

Wilma HARPER 00:28:41

Results for Preston parkrun, event number 15, 18/08/2012.

Philip Alan ELLIOTT 00:32:38

Results for York parkrun, event number 27, 18/08/2012.

Megan Paige HARRISON 00:32:22

Annette STEVENSON 00:33:55

Roger STEVENSON 00:34:48

15 runners in total.

well done.

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I think you're all stars * :) * :)


Well done everyone - 15 runners for C25k. Must be the best yet for our "club"!


With nurseroz and bugsie, who didnt show on the results, that makes 17.


hey, I did Parkrun on Saturday too at Pymmes Park- Roz Skinner 00:37:20.

It was my first one, and hopefully not my last. The weather was pretty hot, but thankfully I didn't come last, I was 18th of 24 runners. Not able to run for the whole way though, despite recently graduating from C25k.


I ran too at the Conkers parkrun and got a new PB of 29.41, so pleased I finally got passed the 30 min mark! I've been trying to update my details but can't find C25K listed in the running clubs.

Well done everyone - great turn out!


Sorry Roz but you weren't on the results that parkrun sent me. Did you register as NHS Couch to 5k before you ran or after? Hopefully it will show in future.

Bugsie, its definitely there. But its not 'C25K' its 'NHS Couch to 5k' so its in the 'N' section.


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