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Challenge: NHS Couch to 5K Christmas run

Unable to update my details on Endomondo for some reason

24 December ran 4.89 miles in 55 minutes 428 calories burned (according to runkeeper)

25 December ran 3.03 miles in 32 minutes 269 calores burned

Off out later to complete a boxing day run

Can't believe that on 29th December it is the 1st anniversary of me starting Couch to 5K :-)

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Well done you! Me too, I can't get my run onto Endomondo - Christmas Eve 10k. I didn't realise we were supposed to run everyday, or is that just you being super-keen?! In any case I'm still in recovery mode so I can't do anymore until tomorrow. Have a great Boxing Day run!


That's just Groovy being super keen, though 10K all in one go is super keen also in my book!


Mine won't play nicely so I'm going to hitch a ride on your post also.

Christmas eve was a slob day, no running, but I did go to the gym.

Christmas day: In the dark, 2.4k in about 15 minutes (I'd just done stockings, still bleary eyed, it was dark and raining and I couldn't be bothered to find my phone or iPod to time it so just used the 'it's about 20 to 8 on the hall clock when I left and about 5 to 8 when I got back' sort of timing method!)

Christmas day after dinner walk: According to my new toy, (santa brought me a baby iPad and I got hubby to stick it in his pocket for the walk) we covered 7.7k in 68 minutes, using the map my run app, which for some reason has mapped us investigating every single side road. Actual distance was just over 5k.

Boxing day: 4.99k in 31:35 (arghhh, so close and yet so far from the magical 5k, unless I round it up to 1 decimal place of course, OK, I did 5.0k!!! ;-) )


Glad its not just me thats mad enough to run at this festive time. I stuck to my usual days, so Christmas Day was a day off.

Christmas Eve 8.32km

Boxing Day 7.1km , this was much harder run post all the food consumed on the 25th, which was slowing me down a bit!!

Got new running gear this Christmas so road tested it today. The running tights were excellent!


Embarrased Face! Didn't make the boxing day run, in fact didn't set foot out of the house, stayed in and stuffed my face with food and wine, paying for it now with indigestion still, and too bloated to run lol. There's always tomorrow :-)


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