Parkrun NHS Couch to 5k results

They've changed the system for Parkrun results and they no longer seem to get posted on this site. Just out of curiosity I went on to the Parkrun consolidated resluts for NHS C25k for yesterday. If I've counted them up right, I reckon there were 36 of us out round the country. Considering we all were on the couch not so long ago, it's a great credit to the programme.

For those of you thinking about it, Parkrun is a great event. It's a 5k run every Saturday, free and you need to volunteer occasionally. No matter how fast or slow you are, you will be welcome and folk will be friendly.

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  • Not done a Parkrun yet, (waiting until my fitness builds a bit; I'll give one a go in the next couple of weeks) but have registered and ordered my fancy barcode card/fobs. I didn't realise C25K had its own section in the club list; I selected unaffiliated when I registered but I've just changed it, so I now represent us C25Kers. :-)

  • Good for you, Miles. Fly the flag.

  • Thanks for posting these results. I didn't realise people were running under the banner of NHS c25k. Great idea for publicising the programme. I finish w2 on Monday so a few weeks off yet but when I graduate I'm hoping to enter my local park run and I'd like to do it under the NHS c25k banner. Do we need permission from anyone to do so?

  • Just select NHS C25k under club name.

  • Thank you for your kind comments, Sir. As I've just discovered, even if one has already registered with Parkrun and at the time selected 'unaffiliated' under the club section, as I did, it can be changed at any time. :-)

  • Thanks ;)

  • I came last in the Pontypool run yesterday, proud to be a member of the C25K club though. Still faster than those on the couch! :)

  • Well done Trizzy37. You are right there were a lot of couch potatoes in Pontypool and you weren't one of them.

  • You can run in any affiliated race under our club name. I entered a local one and got a discount for being affiliated to a club Good ey

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