Good Morning all, Fat old fart (FOF) reporting in on week 1, day 1.

First things first, I did it ! 8 minutes of running interspersed between 90 seconds of walking, enjoyed maybe too strong a word but not unpleasant.

The things I've learned (school boy errors):

- Don't run directly away from home, I ended up two miles away at the end of the session.

- People are really friendly when you're on foot, everyone says hi or morning.

- I can't work out where to put my keys or phone (which is what I'm using as an IPOD) may have to investigate a fanny pack or something.

- Don't shower before you go out, doh !, you'll need to shower again when you get back.

- Watch out for cars/vans/tractors when you can't hear them

Otherwise all good, I'll see you Wednesday.

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  • Welcome to the C25K programme and forums. I'm on week 5 now and still tend to run away from home, only doubling back for the last 5 minutes, so I always have a long walk home. I don't mind the walk back as long as it's not too hot. I have one or two 5km circular routes planned for when I can run for 30mins, but I quite like my current route.

    I carry my phone in a small Karrimor running belt as others here recommended, (available in Sports Direct for a fiver or slightly less).

  • Thanks Swanscot, I didn't mind the walk either really but I'm on holiday at the moment so time isn't an issue but when I'm back at work I need to get the time right.

    And thanks for the running belt tip I'll go and find one of those.

  • I've got one of those little arm bands for your phone, its really handy....I got mine from sports direct too.

  • Just read Aldi have running pants with an inbuilt pocket for keys etc. I'm going to investigate that, though a belt with maybe space for a bottle would be good too.

  • I think I'm going for Swanscot's suggestion because my shorts have pockets but what I found is that when I jogged the weight of the phone and keys started pulling my shorts down. A fat, 51 year old huffing and puffing around the countryside in shorts is no one's idea of aesthetically pleasing, with my shorts around my ankles it's plain embarrassing ;-)

  • Welcome Chewy & well done for completing your first run (I'm on W8 & still feel that W1 was the toughest of all). Agree with other comments about light running belts, they're great. Best of luck to you for the rest of the programme. :-)

  • Great job! I just started week 3 and agree with notbad, week 1 was the toughest so far. Cool that you are out there, doing something for you! I'm a FOH (fat old hag) so I admire you for doing it! Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle - I'm encouraged that it doesn't get any tougher than this, in theory if I've done this it doesn't get any more painful.

  • Thanks everyone. I will say that the encouragement people are giving each other is just fantastic. I'm feeling as though I've found a community of people like me when in fact I thought I was the only one.

  • I found an armband for my phone in pound land - but they don't always seem to have them in stock. It has been an absolute bargain.

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