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First run on a treadmill?!

This morning I was prepared for a windy and possibly drizzly run but having looked out of the window, it's a torrential storm in these parts! I need to run today- can't put it off- so I've decided to head to the local gym to use a treadmill for run 1 of week 7. Any advice regarding speeds and inclines? These are things I don't have to think about setting up when running outside!  

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I have never been on one...but good luck anyway :)


At this stage , and with it being a one-off probably, I wouldn't bother with the incline, but if you must, to replicate outdoors, set it to 1%.

Re: speed, it's hard to say. As a guide, 10.0 km/h is equivalent to a 30 minute 5k, so that's probably too fast. 8km/h is equivalent to a 40 min 5k.

Probably best to find your brisk walking speed first, then increase the speed a touch so you break into a jog.

Hope that helps. 


Thank you!


Weather is clearing up this afternoon...


So....sorry if I'm too late. I run at 6-6.5 km/hr and walk at 5. I find it manageable for the entire 28 mins, with a little up and down if I need to catch my breath. I did weeks 1-3 at 7km/her but found that too fast for even 5 min runs. 


Nah, not a clue 😕  don't use em


Thanks all- great advice. I ran it at 8kmph and it felt fine. Far nicer than the storm outside! 

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