A wonderful knee/hip relief

Elsewhere on this site, people have mentioned dousing knees with cold water in the shower. Based on a few things I found a right royal care programme that dealt with knee/hip pain straight away:

1. Into shower and first off douse knees with coldest water possible

2. Normal shower with normal temperature for whole body

3. A second numbing knee dousing with coldest water possible

4. After drying off rub SBC Arnica Gel into knees and/or hips

5. No pain for the whole of the day or day afterwards

Hope this helps :-)


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21 Replies

  • I just may have to try this! Having a bit of knee trouble, and want to keep running, so will try anything! Tanks for the ideas/suggestions.

  • Hi Caro, good luck :-) - only done it twice but it had made a huge difference. The ABC arnica gel is made in England and you can buy it online. We have it shipped out to Austria rather than use anything else - it is really pure and we sweat by it :-). Good luck

  • Thanks for the tip, may try on my knees

  • Hi Phil, really do give it a go - honestly, I was in so much pain and I can't believe the difference. I could just be a bit of a fanatic but the SBC gel specifically has worked wonders. I have no vested interest in it bar wonderful muscle pain relief!!!

  • I've used the cold water every time I feel any discomfort after a run, it might not even feel like pain but just an uncomfortable heat in an area. However I've not heard of Arnica Gel so I'm off to google it right now, thanks very much for the tip, will keep you posted on how I get on as my hip is still a bit twingy now and again.

  • Just googled this and Amazon sell it (well lets face it, is there anything Amazon doesn't sell these days!!)

  • Hi OldGirl... The arnica (try and find as pure as possible - we use SBC Arnica Gel) works well when applied immediately after the shower and then either use Arnica or Devil's Claw cream on the joints before bed so the warmth deepens the effect. As with all things natural it does take time but with regular application you ought to start getting some relief :-). Good luck

  • Thanks for that psarapsych will look for Devil's Claw cream too. Hip still twinging away but not painful just feels like a knot deep in the hip joint!!

  • I've got arnica cream which I slather on anytime anything hurts... seems to work quite well.

  • Hi Mitts, interested you have Arnica Cream - who makes it? I've always found Gel to be really good so never used the cream. I guess as long as it's as pure as possible then it doesn't matter how you get it :-) !!!

  • Hi psarapsych - it's this one:


    I live in Switzerland and saw it on a market stand shortly after starting C25K. Don't know how pure it is and it's pretty greasy, but as long as it works I'm happy!

  • Too right :-)!! Thanks for the link.

  • Amazon have it.

  • Great, now go for it :-). Really hope it helps. Keep us all posted :-)

  • Been out and brought Arnica gel today! First application has been applied, second lot will be on when I go to bed. Thanks for the tip.

  • Great Caro... give it a bit of time and remember the cold water x2!!! I've also started wearing knee supports but not for every run as I want my knees just to get the feel of the support and, over time, develop their own support as I do thigh strengthening exercises. It's putting everything together that tends to work :-).

  • Great advice and my Arnica gel has been dispatched from Amazon and on its way after reading about it from you before so thanks for that! So far my knees are ok but do get aches in my thighs after a run so hope this will help.

  • I'm sure it will help - good luck SBG :-)

  • Tried the cold water treatment and it does seem to help. Haven't any Arnica but the posts reminded me that when my kids were little the nursery used to put it on them after a bump or fall.

  • Hi Wilmacgh, it really does make a difference and a really good tip is to take it (via pillules) a few days before any operation and afterwards - really aids healing. In Australia some of the surgeons used to include arnica in the drips. Here in Austria the first step is always something herbal or homeopathic. How lovely that the nursery used to use it for the kids - how sensible :-)..

  • Thank you I'll remember this as have occasionally had sore knees afterwards :(

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