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W1D1 - feeling self conscious

Hi all

this is my first post on here but I have enjoyed reading everyone elses posts to gain some motivation.

So I used to run quite a bit a few years ago but I lost my running buddy so stopped and have decided to start again. I went out mid afternoon today to run around the local lake and was surprised to find it was full of familes out walking with their dogs and I felt very self conscious like everyone was looking at me. At the moment I am only running for 1 minute before you stop and the pavement was quite frosty and icy in places so found myself jumping onto the grass verge which was starting to get a bit muddy. How does everyone else deal with frosty/icy pavements? I felt I couldnt relax totally as I was constantly looking out for any icy bits.

I do feel very pround of myself for getting out there and doing and it and not turning round and heading for home when I realised how icy it was. I was listening to Laura on the podcast and she was very motiviating. The local council are starting a Couch to 5k group on 14th Jan so I am hoping to join that so that perhaps I will feel less self consious!

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Congratulations for digging your trainers out again, and welcome to the friendliest forum on the planet! We all felt self-conscious at the beginning, I think. Then we realised that nobody is interested in us at all - as I repeat all the time here, you're just another nutter in trainers. Unless you're also wearing a leopard print g-string and Elton John sunglasses, nobody will pay any more attention to you than normal. In fact, I get stared at a lot more when I swap the trainers for a pair of high heels because it's so unnatural for me to walk in them, I look like King Kong on his way home from a cross-dressing party. Can't be of any help for the ice, I'm afraid - I managed to fall over without ice yesterday.


Especially at the moment, you'll be one of thousands just starting to pound the paths! I was somewhat self-conscious to start with, but as Mfamilias says don't worry, people aren't actually staring - in fact, I'm more likely to look at the people running past now than I was before, in a sort of "Go for it!" or "Wonder how far they're going" way.... And if someone does shout something negative - remember, you're the one doing something about your health, while they're the one that's more than likely to be outside a pub with a cigarette on a Friday Night.....


It was so icy on the footpaths this morning after the rain yesterday and the temperature drop overnight that I almost turned round and went home. Luckily, I decided to press on and run in the quiet country roads near where I live, which was much safer as the cars had driven away the ice so it was fine. When it's really bad, it's a good idea to run round your local playing field as the grass isn't muddy when it's frozen and it's not too slippy.

Well done for getting back out there, anyway.


We all feel self-conscious when we run at times - I'm only just beginning to run in busier areas (like the park where others run and walk dogs) and in the day time (rather than at night!) - and I'm on week 8!!

But well done for getting out there - that's what counts!! :)

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The council c25k group sounds like a great idea. It will help that you'll have a group all at the same stage and should certainly help you feel less self conscious. The fact is, you did it! You got out there and you did the runs. The first one is the hardest. Really well done :)

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Most people who are staring at you are probably thinking "I should probably be doing that!"

As for the icy paths, i trail run through the woods if it's icy, rougher terrain but less likely to slip over.

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