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Well Ive done it Wk1 all completed and I have to say Im really chuffed with myself :-)

Got Wk2 running sessions planned for next wk but if Im not comfy progressing I will do wk1 again. My 11 yr old son went with me this morning - NEVER AGAIN IT WAS SO HARD! He was chatterring, jumping up to touch road signs, moaning, lagging behind, wanting to high five all the time and patting my back. I do love him to bits but normally its just me and Laura and my thoughts.....

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Well done - sounds more like you completed an obstacle course! ;)


LOL yes :-) he said he enjoyed it and wants to come again next saturday - I said I will see .... got wk2 planned out so lets see if I caqn do it x


i've just done wk1 and flip flop between looking forward to wk2 and wanting to try wk1 again just to be on the safe side..Will see what monday moring brings.. good luck


Im going to try wk2 run1 first and see how I feel if my body says no (Im quite overweight) then I will stick to wk1 for another week good luck to you too :-)


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