After my last disastrous 10k run, I thought I should pop back again here to let you know that today I ran another 10k very successfully :)

Yesterday I had a v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w 5k on the Asics plan, and conquered a Beast of a hill.  Last time I attempted it I couldn't run up it all, and yesterday I did, so I can see an improvement. 

Today, I set off to run another 10k.  At the end of my last (whingeing) post, I said I'd set myself up for success on this one - so I did.  I took the bus up the Trail to a point 10k out from home and ran back.  It's ever-so-slightly downhill all the way home :)

Lessons:  my awful run last time was still a run.  I banked the awful 10k.  I realised that the location scares me :D  Never be defined by your last run.  Today's run was better.  Yesterday's run was fab.  Asics suggests running two days back-to-back and I probably won't do that again.  I'm now knackered and chuffed as a very chuffed thing :)

Happy running to you all.


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14 Replies

  • Really glad that this one went well for you Annie! Well done!

  • Thank you!  It felt good :)

  • Brilliant news Annie. I think setting yourself up for success is a fantastic ides. Your points at the end are spot on: even a bad run is km on the legs, and (especially) don't be defined by your last run!! Well done m'dear, now enjoy your rest days 😀

  • Thank you :)  I think I have been guilty of defining myself by my last run in the past, so that was a good tip to pass on.  You know what I mean - the little voice that says, 'That was a really bad run, so I can't run and I'll never be a proper runner and I might as well not bother again.' :D

    Rest looks good now :)

  • :-D well done! Sounds like a good one :-) 

  • Thank you!  It still had a couple of moments (don't they all!), but it was a good run overall :)

  • Excellent. Good strategy and good result.

    I think this has all been a bit Asics vs Annimurph! But you've got 'em on the ropes now.

  • Thank you!  This Asics thing is... interesting :D  I don't like baling out of things halfway through, or I would have abandoned it, but I don't think I'll use Asics again for anything :D

  • I felt rather the same way about Runkeeper's Weight Loss programme. Had to tick everything off but simply could not shoehorn it properly into my life. Excellent in many ways and I'd suggest people have a look at it, but not for me.

  • Yes, there are plenty of plans, and some of them suit some people better than others.  They're always worth looking at, I guess.

  • Well done Annie!

  • Thank you!

  • What an achievement.  I still have yet to master 5k, so 10k sounds absolutely marvellous.

  • Thank you.  But for ages and ages (over two years), 5k was my maximum distance - and that was fine.  I've been watching our Beyond C25Kers run the Brighton marathon (virtually) and I am in complete and utter awe of them all.  I will never run that distance - they are amazing!  And whatever distance you run - you are amazing too.

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