Success tastes so good

9 weeks 27 runs later W9R3 completed. Yes folks I've only gone and done it. I'm so pleased with myself.

The corks are popping and hubby is cooking me a celebratory meal. So when I say success tastes good I really mean it literally.

I tried way back in January and struggled migraines, injuries, death of a very dear friend some of you may remember but 9 weeks ago I started again and I'm so glad I did.

Kelly I've finished what I started and wish you were here today to celebrate with me you always said i could do it and yes you were right as always.

Today I ran and imagined everyone from this forum cheering me on. Thanks everyone then and now for all your support. I feel amazing and I know this is only the start.

So now where is my long awaited hard earned graduate badge. Can not believe I'm actually saying this but I am and I'm so so happy.


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26 Replies

  • Many congratulations on getting there at the second attempt. As you say, this is only the start, you have changed your life. Isn't it brilliant?!!

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Congratulations , happy running . Enjoy your meal .

  • Thank you today is a good day. Onwards and upwards

  • Thank you, yes you're right I have changed my life. I now believe in myself, my confidence is increasing and all the health benefits goes without saying. No stopping me now.

  • Well done. I really mean that. I am planning my drinks party for Sunday, my friends don't realise how much I want to celebrate graduating! I like the thought of everyone cheering us on, I'll do that Sunday morning.

    I'm sure your friend is smiling at you raising a glass in congratulations to your achievement. X

  • Well done Luvleeju! Isn't it great? I can't believe I was so dismissive of running for my whole lifetime. I thought humanity was divided into 'runners' and 'non-runners' I didn't realise there was such a wonderful gentle bridge between the two. I do hope that we December graduates will keep exc

    hanging experiences.

  • Thank you I think that's a lovely idea all December graduates to keep in touch and encourage each other on the way good and bad times.

  • I love this explanation of the division of 'runners and non runners': it's just how I feel but couldn't put it as well.

  • That has to be one of the nicest descriptions of the C25K journey ever ! :-)

  • I'll second that Turnturtle! Congratulations Luvleeju. Your friend would be so chuffed for you I'm sure. Maybe there's a run out there for her next year? Enjoy your celebration of running and life! :-)

  • Thank you I WILL do a run for her next year . Good luck in your future running plans just keep at it and let's overcome obstacles and benefit from a new found hobby, life change etc

  • Well done. We were all cheering you on. What an achievement.

  • Thanks been a special day .

  • Many congratulations on graduating. You must feel a million dollars. I know I did. Lovely meal made for you too which has to be a bonus.

    Have you applied for your Graduate badge yet. You go to "Help" at the top of the page, and send an email asking for one. It shouldn't take long to appear alongside your name

  • Very well done! Lovely badge and great post. Enjoy your feeling of achievement and keep posting. We all want to hear how graduates keep going and keep motivated. Like the idea of a run for your friend.

  • Well done...what a fantastic feeling!!!

  • Thanks again everyone still can't believe I've done it . Love the badge it kind of helps it sink in that yes I can run. I know I'm slow but that's my next challenge to increase the pace. Bring it on.

  • Well done, I'm 4 runs behind you and hope to graduate before Xmas.

  • well done it's great isn't it that feeling of achievement and satisfaction- keep it up

  • Congratulations LLJu - fantastic achievement! And what a lovely supportive hubby to cook that meal for you - I'm sure you enjoyed it!

  • hooray - good for you. I just finished week 7 and hope to be a December graduate too ! (Just calculated if I stick to the programme my graduation run will be on the morning of the winter solstice, which feels nice !)

  • Congratulations, isn't it a wonderful feeling of achievement. Just keep on running and enjoying it. It feels so liberating to go out of the door walk a bit and then freely break into a run with no need of lots of equipment or organize going to the gym. Up and out. Enjoy your success.

  • That's a fantastic achievement, well done for persisting and enjoy your success !

  • Well done and you have done brilliantly, I hope the celebrations were good... Enjoy your running!!!

  • Congratulations! Enjoy your celebrations and your post grad run x lovely feeling knowing your a runner isn't it?

  • Along with everyone else - Congratulations!!! I'm sure your friend is smiling down on you :) Well done for achieving this and hope the celebrations were great :D

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