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W5R3 - Did It !!!

Just finished W5R3 - absolutley amazing! I really was worried about this one, but as everybody else has said if you trust the programme and just do what Laura says it works!

It wasn't easy but, on the other hand, I actually felt I could have gone on for a bit longer if I had to. Like so many others, I've never been able to run before and I can't beleive the progress I've made since starting the programme.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post (no pun intended!) your encouragement really helped. Week 6 here I come!!!

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Congratulations! I think that one was the one I was most dreading, but as you say it works - doesn't it feel good to have done it! Good on you!


Thanks Suki. it actually feels as though I've made a transition (from what, to what, I'm not sure!) but a tranistion none the less. Hope your runs are going well too - how on earth do you manage to run with dogs?


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