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Week 3 (almost)

So I have successfully reached my third week, although disappointment struck last Wednesday. I put on my pod and started my warm up walk and managed my 90 second jog/run but not without pain :( I have had sore knees, shins and ankles before but I just put that down to new exercise. I tried my run again today after resting my ankle but the pain was excruciating, so i think my C25K may be on hold until i have seen the Dr. I am very disappointed as I am loving this podcast.

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Hi aussie-em

Don't know if this helps but I had problems with knee pain and to less extent foot /ankle pain when I originally started W1. I had tried on the road and could hardly bend my knee the next day! But once the knee felt better (after a few weeks) I tried on the treadmill instead and have had only the slightest discomfort, and not very often. Am only on W3 but its going well now. Have also found having advice re trainers and gait /insoles etc really helpful. Best of luck with it - hope you get it sorted. :-)


Thank you 'Clareisland' I'll see someone regarding my trainers as i have needed insoles in my shoes before. As to the treadmill, a friend did say that running on the concrete paths and roads is not good....did i listen? No hence the pain :) I'll keep you posted. Good luck with your runs :)


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