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Almost - Week 5 Run 3

This was ALMOST a success but I know exactly where my downfalls are and lies with me being an idiot!!

Here is a little background as why today my stupidity got the better of me. I am prone to fainting, I can be in a room that is freezing cold and all of a sudden feel very hot and possibly faint. This has happened for many years now. I also have low blood pressure. With this you would think that I would be careful to ensure I eat breakfast and drink plenty. Well around 90% of the time I struggle to drink 1 litre of water a day. My boyfriend and family on many occasions have told me off for only have my first drink of the day in the late evening probably with dinner.

Which brings me to today, I forced myself to have a drink this morning of water and a massive breakfast of two rye crackers....NOT! I was neither thirsty or hungry, which then leads to me being massively hungry in the evening (issues which I know I must sort out sooner rather than later).

After carrying out the household chores, I decided that I would then doing my final run of week 5. I managed about 18 minutes of the 20 minutes. The halfway mark was my downfall. The familiar black dots that come across my vision when a fainting spell is about to occur crept in...time to walk! All of this probably would have been prevented if I sorted my eating out and especially my water intake. After walking for roughly 2 minutes the feeling of fainting passed and I managed the remaining ~8 minutes which was left. Not without a much stronger sense of pain in my left knee which incidentally now has a bag of frozen peas on it and some pain starting in my right ankle.

Week 5 you may have won this time but I'll be back to face you!

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Well.. you have sort of said it all... so, yes, you really need to try to address what you know is wrong.

Healthy eating regime including proper hydration.. gosh, makes you sound like a flower!

I have low blood pressure, as do a few of us... with me, I know something is afoot when the floor turns to jelly or cotton wool... :)

Husband and I are following a particular eating regime, just a tweaking of our Mediterranean diet really, and I realised fairly quickly, aspects of it were not suiting me..great for his blood sugars and Type 2 diabetes, but not me; too few carbs, for what I was doing....:)

So, a good look at your eating regime is in order, otherwise, you are going to feel ill or really hurt yourself. We don't have to eat mounds, we do have to eat healthy and that means healthy of each one us individually.

Some great ideas online and out there generally.

Week 5.. let it lurk there whilst you try and get on an even keel maybe .. you are doing well, but not in a good way...

Please post again :) Hope this can sort for you :)


Breakfast has always been a struggle for me, I'm quite fussy for breakfast and typically don't like the usual suspects on offer - cereal, oats, porridge no thank you. Been there, tried it and hated the taste. Eggs are pretty much my go to for breakfast.

Today has definitely shown me that I cannot keep trying to get away with either the bare minimum or filling up on the wrong type of things!

But I'll be back, I've come too far to give up now and would love to say I can run for 30minutes non stop!


Same as you.. breakfast is an issue... I loathe cereals, except the ones I make myself...:) But eggs are a great start! Contrary to past thoughts, good for you too.. I have great egg recipes and combinations:)

You know what you need to do... take a look at some of the great recipe ideas around...This is a very basic starting point, but maybe some simple ideas to get you on track.y..:)

You won't give up... you are a runner! :)


I totally echo Oldfloss's words. And, yes, you've come to far to give up. Take the time you need to sort your health - 30 minutes non -stop isn't going anywhere. I got through c25k but since graduating have aggravated an old back injury and am also trying to re-instate an even keel. I have decided to go back to 20 mins and build up again when I am confident I can do each increase without problems. Frustrating but better for you in the long run. If you like cold hardboiled eggs you could always prepare some the night before then it doesn't feel like such a faff getting to a point where you can actually get out of the door for a run. Stay focused!


So close! You'll definitely nail it next time.

I'm glad you didn't faint. I'm prone to fainting as well. On longer runs or hotter days I take a little bottle of diluted sports drink mix, or water with salt and sugar added (WHO's oral rehydration recipe) which I sip at well before I see the dots and it really helps.


If you want to run regularly and successfully you have to attend to your diet. You can't wing it on eating nowt! 😊

Fortunately I love all breakfast food, but if you only like eggs you have plenty of options. Yummy!

Good luck. Happy running ☺


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