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beyond proud!!

my first blog, coming to you from a dumpy middle aged woman (NOT an athlete, although i am beginning to feel like one;-))

just a short blog, i graduated on c25k a few weeks ago. i had to download a bupa training programme as the new bridge to 10k were not out in time for me.

i am thrilled to report that yesterday I completed the York Jane Tomlinson 10k.

my time was not fantastic (1 hour, 23 mins) but i did a slow steady run all the way round. no stopping for little walks!

the atmosphere was electric and the biggest treat was when we ran past the fire station, all the firefighters were lined up outside cheering us on. it was a brilliant day, fab weather, fab scenery, brilliant marshall's and loads of cheering and support from the public.

last march, i had not run one step, am now considering doing the great north run but just seeing how quickly i recover from yesterday before i make a final decision.

thank you to this community. i don't post as often as i did in my early days but i read often and am pleased, and proud to be part of something so life enhancing.

i have also managed to raise quite a bit for various cancer charities along the way too.

I am a full time carer to a son with a disability and am in remission from leukemia myself so life is not always easy but running is my new "treat" and i am now officially addicted :-)

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Wow...what can i say, well done you.


That's amazing!!


Fab blog, well done!!


Congratulations! That is really fantastic. You're an inspiration.


Congratulations on a brilliant achievement and an inspirational post. You have given me heart for my upcoming 10K end September.


You are totally jaw droppingly awesone. Well done!!!! I'm so inspired by your story and want to get to where you are. My goal is to run 10k and then perhaps further but can't even think about that right now. Go Girl!!


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