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Just graduated - and ran 5K too!! Woo hoo!!

I'd planned my final run of c25k this morning, but knew I hadn't run 5k in the half hour - nothing like it! So today I thought I'd run the Cardiff Parkrun marked route, and see how long it took me. I did my warm-up walk without Laura, then started listening and running at the same time; that way I have her encouraging me at the end of my run, rather than telling me to slow down, when I still had 5 minutes to go! God, it's hard! It took me 35'45" (so, in the end she did tell me to slow to walk while I still had to run!) and my warm-down walk was certainly NOT very brisk - more like a crawl...but I did it!

If you're just starting out - go for it! Although I'm tired, I simply couldn't imagine being able to do this 9 weeks ago - farther than I've ever run, even as a child! (and I'm 54!)

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Congratulations!!! This programme is amazing isn't it? I graduated yesterday and after my very 1st run I never thought I would get to the end of the 9 weeks.

Brilliant time for 5k too - that's my next goal :)


What a way to finish! Massive congratulations.

Park run is brilliant, I did my first on Sat, I'm on week 6, I didn't run the whole thing but it is a really great way of testing yourself. It's nice to run with other people too!

Enjoy your celebrations and best of luck with your next steps!



Well done on completing the programme.

I think you can register your time for a Parkrun even if it's not done on a race day. I think it's called Parkrun freedom. Remember to add you club as NHS c25k too.


I didn't realise that was our running club! How fab!


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