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Week 5 day 3

I read questions and blogs for the first time last week as I had hit a wall and was looking for advice. I asked for advice as I attempted the 20 min run and didn't make it and seemed to just keep doing the 8-5-8 day 2 every time I tried again. I got some great advice especially from someone who said you are making it a bigger thing than it is and putting it on a pedestal. So here's what happened.

I was so pleased with myself when I managed wk5 d2 as I have tried various running programmes before and have never got this far. Then like everyone else I immediately thought there is no way I can run for 20 mins and I tried and I couldn't. Then I tried 3 more times and couldn't, so I looked here for inspiration. On Thursday I was going out for dinner and didn't want to miss my run so went a little earlier than usual. I didn't really think about it and put my player onto day3 and thought I am going to get to 5 mins and see what happens. The first 5 mins killed me but when I got there I just thought right I will get to 10 and see how I feel. By the time I got to 10 I was feeling much better and thought right just get to 15 and that will be fabulous. Got to 15 and again felt ok, I run along a long seafront promenade and could see where the last 5 minutes would take me up to and I just thought I can do this and I did. I was so proud of myself, I just couldn't believe it. There were also things against me like strong wind, blazing sunshine, going earlier than normal and lots more people on the beach and prom.I think the key to my success was reading this site, taking it in 5 min goals and not making such a big thing of it. Sorry if I have waffled on but I have never ran so far in my life and I don't find it easy at all and don't think I ever will but I am determined to run that 5k. Since then I have completed wk6 day 1 which I found difficult and should be doing day 2 today. Going on holiday this week so I hope that doesn't put me back. Thanks again to everyone and keep going.

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Well done. I still find that in the first few minutes of any run, I feel like I'll never reach the end. Sounds like you took just the right approach to it. xxx


Congratulations on your achievement! It's lovely to read all the success stories on here, of which you are definitely one! Keep going, you are doing really well. :-)


Thank you both for your kind comments


That is fantastic and inspiring - I am sat here in my running gear about to embark on week 5 run 3 and I'm scared! I was so pleased to do the 8 -5 -8 but cannot believe I can run for 20 minutes - you've shown me it can be done. Thank you


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