Week 5 Day 3...is this the mystical 'Runners' Elation'?!?!

Hi all,

Just had to share the fact that at 5am this morning, after a restless night tossing and turning (and when sleeping, DREAMING about running, for goodness' sake!) I DID IT!!!

It is safe to say I've been dreading the 20 minute run but off I went. 5 minutes in was quite hard; I had the usual doubts and gremlins trying to persuade me that, "You're getting puffed out!" and "Your legs hurt!" and "Another 15 minutes of this - you are being ridiculous!"

Then something quite peculiar happened. A song came on my iPod which seemed to fit perfectly with my stride. I was suddenly no longer so puffed out and...erm...my legs weren't really hurting. Laura announced 10 minutes had passed and I actually began to feel positive about finishing. And so went the rest of the run - relatively painless, dare I say enjoyable in parts and I felt GOOD.

So then, the strange moment at the end of the run when I felt a huge beam on my face and actually wanted to sob with joy and glee at having finished! Haven't felt such a high for ages.

Now trying not to get overconfident (this is soooo me, but I'm already worrying that maybe it was a fluke and will feel harder next time!! Please tell me to stop being ridiculous and get a grip; I won't be offended!)

Kerry x


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  • I know EXACTLY how you felt. I think we all get it - it's our first taste of a runner's high.

    Don't worry about being overconfident; you've passed a real milestone. You now KNOW you can run without stopping. You may find the first two runs of week 6 surprisingly hard even though it's the run you've just done with a walking break in the middle, but don't be put off.

    Well done. That was the key run, and you nailed it!

  • You deserve to feel confident, a huge achievement, well done!! Just b careful though, week 6 can be challenging but well within ur capability. Graduation, here u come!! Julie

  • :-)

    Now you know what this running lark is all about.

    Note to Laura: that's another one indoctrinated into the secret club.

  • Ha ha love it ;-)

  • Amazing achievement, well done! Hope you smile your way to graduation ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Week 5 R3 has been my favourite run as well in terms of feeling quite elated when I'd finished it :-) Week 6 does go back to interval runs again for R1 & 2 and did feel a bit of a struggle again for me (silly really - but I think its the psychological trip of having to walk again) - but don't let that put you off the continuous run in W6R3 - it feels better again to be running with no breaks. Well done :-)

  • Thanks to you all :) Have been feeling quite bouncy and jubilant all day! Wish I could bottle that feeling of euphoria - it was magic x

  • That really is the best feeling isn't it! You describe it so well. What a sense of achievement! Now, as you look towards the graduation day in the distance, you can believe you will get there- well done! Enjoy that feeling! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Enjoy the feeling I remember it well congratulations nearly there ! :)

  • Me too. Isn't it great

  • Not a fluke. Be proud, you did it. Congratulation

  • Amazing job you should feel proud.

    Wk5d3 is my next run, I got surprised last night when expecting d2 to be the same as d1 I felt great doing that but will admit to being daunted by the prospect of 20 mins running.

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