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Week 1 Run 3 didnt happen and feeling bad

Pleased to say family do went well, I did not over indulge it also helped that 3 of my inlaws are following slimming world so much of the spread was SW friendly.

However I've been very tired and feeling very poorly as well, severe stomach cramps :-( cant run like that, managed to take the dog out for 10 mins and had to run back :-(

doctors tomorrow ref my MoreLife referral and plan on getting back to it tomorrow eve

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Don't feel bad, dwalters81 - these things happen, you weren't well and you had a family "do" to go to. You haven't "spoiled" anything, the runs you did last week still count! Just get back to it when the time is right ... I'll probably still be on Week 1 for a couple of weeks yet, so I certainly won't be leaving you behind! Keep your chin up, girl ... you'll be back! :)


Don't feel bad - I've missed a whole week (should have been week 3) because I put my back out then had a stomach bug. It was really disappointing but as long as I start again (next SAturday - gah, first time I have childcare, so it's a way off!), it'll be OK.

A family do sounds good, not to be sniffed at!


Was my hubbies grandparents Ruby Anniversary, last september his grandad was rushed to hospital and we didnt think he was going to make it so it was lovely to see him much more full of life again and some colour in his cheeks.

i feel a bit better today - the plan is go out tonight, I will be taking the dog so even if i dont do the run ill still be doing the long brisk walk.

Im sort of thinking of saying well last week was a test run and lets do week 1 properly this week, I too will be on week one till i can do all 3 runs comfortably and then go on to week 2 as I KNOW my body ill go to the next week too soon and then be back to square one

Good knews though

Weighed in this morning, weight has not changed BUT i have LOST 7inches!!! woop woop


Don't beat yourself up, esp.if you haven't been well (glad you're better). You need to be feeling really well and ready when you're getting going with the programme. I'm now on W6 but need to be feeling good and in the right mindset when I go out running.

Well done for the lost inches! And good luck when you feel ready to start running again.


Well done you for starting the program! I did week 1 quite a few extra times to get it properly done, and eventually graduated. Since then I have slipped a few times but I keep getting back to it and every time I am about to chastise myself for being lazy, I remember how much I have achieved and all the effort I put in. Allow yourself time to recover, you have all the time in the world to achieve the program, take all the time you need and each time you achieve a run you will be so satisfied with yourself. Don't forget, every time things don't go to plan - you are still doing more than most people and you are making an effort to improve your life. Laura says a bad run is better than no run, and she is right, everything you do counts, walking, running, whatever - it's all good. Good luck with your efforts, you will find loads of support here, it got me through my worst, lazy, cold rainy days and now I can run for an hour (slowly)!


Thanks guys -

well i got out last night after 2 rest days and done pretty well.


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