Hi All, I'm home, not run for 2 whole weeks - eeeekkkk!!

Well I'm home and have had a lovely holiday with my little granddaughter. Done no running but have walked miles and miles.

If I find my mojo which I think is hiding down the back of the couch I will be out pounding the pavements at 7.00am tomorrow. Think the old legs will have to have a couple of easy runs to get back into the swing of things though.

Have downloaded the new podcasts tonight, has anyone tried them yet?

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  • Wish I could as they look fantastic I am sure you will be fine when you get out there just don't be too hard on yourself.

  • What on earth has happened to you Glendam? read your blog did you have an accident?

  • Welcome home! Good luck with your first run :)

  • Found my mojo and took it with me this morning for a run. Managed 4K in 26 minutes but didn't over do things on my first run. It was good to be back to a normal routine. Oooohhh how cool is that referring to running as a normal routine :)

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