Thanks so much for all the encouragement - Run 2 complete!

Really appreciated all the fantastic messages and wise words yesterday. Ideally should have been a rest day today, but work commitments tomorrow mean a run would be unlikely di decided to go for it.

Took it a bit slower at the start today, left the smoothie until afterwards and managed to to all 8 bursts of jogging.

Rest day tomorrow, but will be back for run 3 on Tuesday! Think we may try 4 runs on week 1 and crank up on Saturday (scared that I will want yo give up as it gets even harder, but have made hubby promise not to let me without a fight!!)

Amazing forum, amazing support - awesome!


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9 Replies

  • Well done on run 2. The forum is amazing & does help to keep you going. Keep posting :-)

  • Well done you! Make sure you take your rest days though, they're important! Those rest days are when the muscles repair and strengthen. Good luck with run 3 :)

  • Well done but don't forget those rest days are important. I actually find if I struggle with a run 2 rest days are better than 1 before I go out again. It's not worth risking injury. Look forward to hearing how you get on with run 3.

  • PLEASE be careful about the Rest Days. I get very 'antsy' and impatient now on them - I want to experience yet again the fun and challenges of running. But an injury will sideline me for MUCH longer than one day and when I get too impatient I remind myself I spent 56 NOT running so one more day or two or even three won't kill me now :) This programme has worked BEAUTIFULLY for me in all other areas so I am totally convinced the Rest Day(s) are just as well thought out :)

    Golly - Everytime I think of it now...for ME to go from huffing, puffing and gasping in agony around the Park to 'Waah! - BUT I WANNA run around the Park today' is a miracle that I wan't to make sure I can keep doing ;)

    Delighted you are running with us - and cheering you on :)

  • Rest days are so important... really they are, especially as the programme progresses. You will be tempted, but will find the advice will be, take those days in between.

    It is so easy, to end up on the IC...the danger is, as it gets more intense, you may feel that you want to give up because you are tired :)

    Well done you, on the runs..but, if you can fit it into a work schedule, take those days, even two in between. Plenty of time to complete..many folk take over the nine weeks...

    Your journey, your way, but the advice will be.. follow the programme and do it safely :)

  • Well done! A great start but sounds like you ran two days running (see what I did there) which is a no no. Take your rest days! Should be at least one rest day between each run which are I gather as important as the running days as its when the muscles grow. If commitments stop you running one day just take two rest days and run on day three - it's not a race and you want to stay safe and not inured. I had nine weeks on the injury couch even with tAking a rest day and it's not fun.

  • Please take your rest days I was trying to do too many runs together due to work and family commitments, also like you thought I might give up, but the reverse happened not having enough rest days cause me to struggle on the runs and in turn dent my confidence. I have just had a week break due to illness very frustrating but went out this am and felt great. Good luck.

  • It is tempting to run on a rest day, but I have taken note and resisted. Where I have had to take 2 days because of other commitments I have always had a good run after, so it is certainly not a set back.

    To stop me getting twitchy on the rest days I am working through the Stretch and Flex programme, usually outside after doing the first couple of sessions indoors. Whereas I would run in the rain, I probably won't S&F, so I have just been looking at the 10 minute workouts on the NHS Choices page which will be a better option I think.

  • Great start Caro. Well done for getting out there😊

    Slow and steady is good form, and agree that the rest days are an important part of the program.

    Good luck and keep posting...

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