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Help, Not run for 2 weeks and scared!

I lost my confidence after a bad run and have allowed myself to give up!. I nagged myself mentally for the first 10 days but to no avail. Now I don't even nag myself just relieved that I don't gave to go for that run.But I feel I have let it all go and I am scared I will have lost fitness if I venture out again. I need someone to drag me out there! I used to get really antsy if I couldn't get out for a run after a couple of days, now I don't want to go. Please help I need A massive virtual kick up the back side! Please feel free!

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Bad runs happen to everyone! Focus on the next one not the one you did 2 weeks ago, it happened now its time to prove that it hasn't beaten you.

I always find it hard to start my run so I convince myself I'm going for a walk... which is true for the first 5 mins (if you still do the warm up). Before you know it you are running.

Run Maysie Run - you can do it, just see how you go - any running it better than going back to the couch!

Good luck



You graduated and you're happy to let that slip away slowly because of a 'bad' run?! There aren't any 'bad' runs, because ALL runs are good for you, no matter how long/short or fast/slow. Be grateful you can run at all. I had 2 (closer to 3) weeks off for honeymoon and let me tell you my first run back was the longest, quickest and easiest to do, but least easiest to motivate myself to do. I can't promise yours will be the same but you wont know unless you try. I suppose you need to rethink WHY you started running in the first place.

Get your ass out there TODAY. Go for a fun run, don't worry about speed/time/distance, just run because you can, coz its a beautiful day.


Scared you will have lost fitness if you venture out? If that was true, you'd have lost fitness even if you didn't venture out!

It sounds as though telling yourself what you *should* do isn't working for you. You are really not a happy bunny not running from the sound of it. How about getting your kit on and just getting out... maybe even telling yourself you are only having a brisk walk...and if you should happen to feel the urge to start running whilst you are there, so much the better.


You don't have to go out and run for 30 minutes, just walk some run some, when you do a few short runs you will probably feel like doing a bit more the next time. You have done fantastic to get this far.


Thanks to you all I got off my butt and ran my socks off!!! Just got back and am glowing post shower, yes it was hot but it felt great to be back in the saddle (as it were)! So thank you for your butt-kicking messages!


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