Ready for Olympic Park Anniversary run? Too late if I'm not!

I didn't get to do my last planned long training run this week due to a sudden unexpected death in the family, but have done two sessions of C25K with my daughter (week 5 1 & 2) who has just finished week 5 run 3 today on her own, yay!

I went out today and did 4.4km but cut it short as I was getting so tempted to go faster and longer but want to save my energy and my knees for tomorrow; it just felt so nice not running in full sun with a bit of a breeze even if it was a bit muggy, so hoping it is like this tomorrow morning!

I have pinned my number on my T shirt after filling out the required details on the back ( hope they're not needed!), sorted out my leggings and socks, checked the train times so I think I am ready; just have to get daughter organised (she is working a late late shift so coming to mine to jump in bed for a couple of hours sleep before we leave) and meet my son at the Station or Westfield... He'd better not be late!

Excited and nervous now, hope I do C25K justice as without it I would never have been able or even contemplating what I will be doing tomorrow! :-)


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  • Condolences on your bereavement Poppy.

    I'm almost ready, haven't run today but did a steady 2 x 1miles yesterday and a 5mile on Tuesday. I'm still trying to not make my muscle injury any worse - and as long as I get around tomorrow I'll be very happy!

    We're driving up at the crack of dawn and I'm still trying to decide what to wear for the journey as I'd rather not be in my shorts on the Tube at 7:30 in the morning... ! ;-)

  • There will be plenty of people on the tube in shorts tomorrow morning so wouldn't worry about it.

    Have fun everyone! I am just hoping to get round as been having problems with my calves recently...if I have to walk so be it but I will be there and I will cross the line?..can't wait to run I the stadium

  • Hope you don't have to walk, but you won't be the only one walking if you do. I know someone that's injured but she intend to walk.

  • Hope the weather stays cooler for you. I'm still sulking cos I won't be there due to injury. I made the decision earlier in the week to not attend, On Monday I could barely manage walking 2 miles, although there has been an improvement over the week

    Enjoy the run..

  • It's a great shame you won't be there BettyJane - the folk who got your wristbands were extremely grateful. It's good to hear that at least you've improved over the week.

    I'll spare a thought for you as I enter the Stadium!

  • Thank you, I'm glad the great British postal system works and their bands arrived.

    Enjoy your run.

  • My race number is Pink 13383 - say hi! if you spot me!! :-)

  • am also Pink -13534. will look out for you.

  • late in the day and as no e-mail notifications you probably won't read this but good luck to everyone. I am excited but have been getting very worked up about the heat. The folks at work probably think I am doing an ultra marathon across the Sahara. I am pink 13534

  • Hi everyone; just checking in, lovely to see your responses (sorry you're not running BettyJane). I am pink too, number 14963! I'll be on the train in my 3/4 leggings which I was embarrassed to wear out only a few weeks ago; but would much rather be comfortable if the sun comes out earlier than predicted on my weather app! I'm more worried about stinking the train carriage out on the way home; but will have some baby wipes in my bag which I am going to leave with my daughter... I keep imagining lots of twinges in my legs/feet/back; I'm sure once my alarm goes off & the day is here time will fly by and I won't have time to think about anything much!

    Happy running everyone,!

  • Good luck everyone. I'm in the green wave. Not sure I'll be able to run the whole way but will do my best. Off to bed now - v. excited!!

  • I know I'm late but I hope everyone doing the run had a fabulous time. :-)

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