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Hi all - I'm back!

... although this might turn into a bit of a rant and a moan about losing that running vibe :(

In terms of running, I have lost it recently. I've developed asthma, which is very annoying, so the heat and the pollen and pollution etc. out on the roads wasn't doing me any good at all. I more or less stopped for the three weeks of hot weather, which were followed by two weeks of torrential rain and storms - not much better for running, really. And it's so hard to get it back again, you know? My first run back was a pathetic 15 minutes. Okay, yes, it was 15 minutes out there and off my fat backside, but it was still pretty dismal. My second run had a target of 20 minutes, which I did achieve, and on the third one I actually managed 3k - but when I had been running happy 5ks, this is not terribly cheerful. Running has become a slog.

Another issue was of course the revamp of this site. I know I don't need to tell you about the frustrations and the sheer hatred I experienced :D but my main problem has been that we lost the daily email listing all the posts. Now this was inspiration for me. Every day. I would postpone starting work until I had pored through every one, which created a huge sense of energy and desire to get out there and run with all my buddies. One post and one question just don't do it for me. I don't like the 'latest activity' default start page, I don't like the tags (what???), I don't like that when I go back from one post it takes me to the top of the page again and I have to scroll back down to find where I was - oh, sorry. You know all this!

And finally, the crowning issue was that my beloved old laptop had problems so I bought a new one. With Windows 8. I need say no more, I'm sure.

So where to go from here? I know I just need to get back out there. I know my fitness will build up again, and I know you'll all be there cheering me on. But it's bloody hard work, you know?

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Welcome back Annie! Yes the website is, er, different let's say. But, we are all here to spur you on back to your much prized fitness! :-)


Thank you, Delia! I think it will help if I start to respond to people on here again, and do some blogging - oops, no, sorry, posting - myself. It's good to be back!


This is where I find myself too. I got to W8R2 and then the heatwave arrived, then I was away for a few weekends so my schedule was interrupted and then some 3 weeks later I find my desire to run has all but disappeared. I just can seem to find the inspiration to run - like you the new website didn't help with that! I'm off on my holiday in 3 weeks and still I cant find the motivation.

I'm so cross with myself - I got to 4 runs away from graduation, I spent some serious money on a new pair of running shoes for what?!

I did see someone out running and for a fleeting minute I realised I miss running. I really need to get back to it :)


How about a deal? How about we both go out tomorrow, and just try to do a run - any run? Would that work for you? You need to get your money's worth from your new shoes :)


I think any old run will do. It is hard to keep motivated and the heat has been hard - or that's one of my excuses anyway. Have drifted down to once a week and not as far as was previously doing. Hope that if can just keep the habit up things will improve again. So good luck. Linda


Thanks, Linda - I'm sure you're right and the important thing is just to keep on getting out there. It's cooler here at the moment so I'm going to try and go first thing tomorrow - any run, anywhere! All the best to you in your running :)


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