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2 weeks no run :(

Was really excited to graduate just before my 2 week holiday to America, but haven't run since.... Tried the running machines but could not get the hang of them as never used one before. Did swim a little and walked for miles but missed my runs.... so what do I do now?

My thought is drop back a few weeks with Laura and go from there? Any ideas?

Must say I had so much more energy than pre running days :)

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Welcome back - hope you had a good holiday? Don't panic about the running - why not just go out there and run and see how you feel? I don't think you'll have lost too much, but I would suggest that you just go and run for fun!


Thanks ... will go out tomorrow ..just to get going :)


I agree with Anniemurph, I shouldn't imagine you've lost too much fitness. You've been keeping active in any case.

Perhaps, if you need Laura's support, you could try Week 6 Run 2 (the 10 minute interval one) to see how it feels, then quickly get back to running 30 min. :-) Don't forget to stretch afterwards.


was thinking about week six... that at least would give me back some confidence ;)


We had a 20+ day of no running because of holiday, illness etc. We were able to start off where we left off but just at a slower pace. I hope you had fun on your holiday! We live in the US and our weather has been crazy. Hopefully you had nice weather as well. Gayle


I went with such resolute resolve that I would run so was may first major hic up so felt rather sad that I didn't run but with kids it was not possible just to go out in an unknown area.. so I have to just not beat myself up about it and go out and do it :)

We were in Virginia and Washington DC so started with snow and ended with a little warmth, but yes sounds like your weather is as crazy as ours ;)


I agree with all the above, I recently went on holiday for 2 weeks where I did no running and not much walking either even though I had just graduated for the second time a day before. Still, when I got back I tried a wk9 run and was pleasently suprised to get thought it.I no pressure on myself , was very slow and kept reassuring myself that I could always stop if I wanted to, but every time lauren mentioned the time, I would think this is not so bad lets keep going for another 5 mins, and soon enough I had finished.

I'm sure u can do it! Have a go (and if not then u can always try again at another week's run)


Just realised my auto spell thing changed Laura's name to lauren- whoops!


Welcome home fellow grad! Hope you had a good holiday?

Have you managed to get out yet? How did it go?

I've been doing the 5k+ podcasts and now I've started on Zombies Run. It's not to everyone's taste but I like the distraction, keeps the gremlins in my head occupied ;-)


Fantastic holiday thanks ... just lots of bad food :)

Hope to run tonight ... really good to see the Zombies (watched the Walking Dead on holiday!) are chasing you, I did look at that one before I had Laura, loved the idea of it :)

Think I will keep Gremlins at bay by thinking about how much better my trip was for being fitter, definitely noticed the difference.

Keep ahead of those Zombies.


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