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Back on track (the power of the blog..... I hope!)

So... I'm hoping that you will all hold me accountable for what I am about to write, the idea is that because I have told you all that I am back on the programme tomorrow morning then it will happen....

I did my last run on Tuesday 24th July, it was week 4 run 1 and it was tough, my intention was to run on the Thursday as we were going away on the Friday but my body just hadnt recovered (did I mention how tough Tuesday's run was???)

So the next week was spent on holiday and my next intention was to run on Saturday 4th August but I woke up with a terrible pain in my left calf, a call to NHS direct, telephone conversation to the on call gp and next thing I know I'm waiting at a&e with suspected blood clot..... Thankfully it wasn't that and the doc also gave me the go ahead to continue with the running even while the pain is still there (apparently exercise will help)

So.... Here's the plan, I'm back in work tomorrow but I intend to go to the gym first thing, run and shower, still haven't decided whether to repeat a week 3 run or attempt week 4, maybe I'll toss a coin unless any of you have some advice?

I shall report my success tomorrow!

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Hope you had a great holiday. I bet the rest will have done you a world of good. :) Eek to the calf pain, glad it wasn't serious, and now the doc says you should keep on running... ;)

*sharp pointy stick at the ready* Get out there and enjoy a run on fresh legs. Whether you do week 3 or week 4 depends on how you felt about them. Maybe a week 3 run will give you a bit of confidence, if you're not sure? However, people seem to reckon that they pick up close to where they left off after a break, and maybe the rest really helps (I'm having an extra rest this week, if you haven't read my blogs), so you could try a week 4? Hope that's of some help, if not a very definitive answer, lol. These longer runs seem to go better with longer rests, so your break may actually prove to be an advantage. :)


Well, my extra day off worked wonders. I did W6,R3 this morning and guess what? I enjoyed it! Not just the stopping bit but the actual run. :) So glad I had a rest and then a good run. I had been feeling so tired after the last few runs, I wasn't sure if I'd got as far as I could go with c25k. Now I am a runner!

*sharpens pointy stick and waits for nicolaclaire's blog* ;)


Sorry boss! Think I'm where you were a few days ago, lost my enthusiasm slightly, however, I did a week 3 run on Monday morning as promised and have just got back from week4 run 1. It was really tough though and I really didn't enjoy it, part of me thinks just stay at this level, but I don't like leaving things unfinished ! Well done on your official runner status! I hope you've made yourself a badge! X


That's exactly how I felt. Maybe go for a bigger gap between runs, and give yourself longer to recover? It really did make all the difference to me, when I thought I had reached my limit. Also, finding somewhere new and fun to run might help. You can do this, if I can. ;)


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