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Final week... and some weight loss news (W9R1)

Thirty minutes today... DONE. I didn't take my Garmin (have decided I will use it intermittently to track progress, but not every time I run). Instead I stuck on my playlist, took note of the time and then didn't look again until I was sure I was a good way in, which turned out to be the halfway point. By then I was in some kind of stride which I managed to maintain to the end of the thirty minutes. I also varied my route today to avoid the direct sunshine.

Oh yeah, I lost 1.2kg in the past three weeks, according to my friend's scales (!) By all accounts this is a healthy, sustainable rate of weight loss so I'm chuffed. I have PCOS which some doctors say makes weight loss twice as hard as for non-PCOS women. I don't know how measurable this is, but I do know that there is a stubborn ring of fat around my middle (literally like a spare tyre) which has been hard to shift. It has been years since I've seen my weight go in any direction except upwards.

I have been watching my portion control and food choices too, and reading up on healthy recipes and trying to eat more protein. Also need to point out that because I'm not working at the moment, I am able to avoid the completely sedentary lifestyle I had before working in an office, that might also have helped. (I have more time to plan and make healthy food and go for walks, etc, and have low stress...)

Anyway, thought it might be motivating for anyone starting out in the programme to know that the programme is working for me. Hoo-blimmin-rah.

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