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Weight loss through C25K

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Hi everyone. Thanks for the postings on this forum. It's been great to read the experiences of you all.

Im keen to stick with this running for a long time. I've had gym memberships in the past, but financially its not something that I could keep committed to. This programme is perfect as it motivates and regulates at the same time and this forum makes it feel like you aren't alone!

My question is, have people found this has led to decent weight loss? Im cutting alcohol out during the week, having lots of fruit and vegetables etc and stopping any junk food I was eating, but ultimately, I'd like to loose 2-3 stone. Do you guys think 5k and post graduate runs will get me there (provided my good diet keeps up of course!)

May be a daft question, but thought id get your views.


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When I first started running I used to reward myself because I thought I could, on the basis that I earned it. You have to run an awfully long way to earn a big piece of cake or a bar of choc. I actually gained weight until I stopped treating myself to rewards for running short distances. If I eat anything after a run now it's just a banana. If you run every other day and eat healthily you're bound to lose weight. If you eat healthil, but don't run, you'll lose weight but not as much. I can't afford gyms either but I really like running outdoors. I'm really glad I found C25k. I'm sure you will too. Happy running

I do slimming world with c25k and 3 classes a week. I have found that my weight loss increased a little, but I am very good with the food and drink side. Not easy but doable. I took a break from the diet but now back on it. I started in September and don't have much more to go. I also had to shift 2 stone. Measure yourself as you will also find that the inches fall off as you get more toned.


I would like to loose about two to three stone too. When I started back in September I was at SW and was eating pretty healthy but initially gain weight. I was heart broken because I was running ten miles a week and swimming once a week. So I stopped going toswimming world but carried on with the running! I still well and had three meals a day porridge made with water for breakfast a home cooked meal for lunch like a jacket and beans and a home cooked dinner anything from lasagne to chicken in honey in mustard with potatoes and loads of veg. I always snacked on fruit and occasionally pumpkin seeds. I also really started to increase my water in take to at least two litres a day. After so many weeks into the programme I started running longer distances on a Sunday still run walk run but would do about 6 miles. Anyway

I hadn't weighed my self in months. I am in December now. When I did I found out I had lost over a stone. My clothes were a lot looser and I felt so much better! What I am trying to say it's not a miracle weight loss programme but you can and will loose weight if you stick it out! The best thing is I am still running still eating well and still loosing weight. I think the best thing about C25K is it changes your life, your life style and your attitude toward health. I am thankful every day I gave it a shot! Best of luck to you. You got it in the bag!


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It may not be for everyone, but I did a juice fast during week 3/4 (haven't really totally stopped it into week 5 yet). I loved it! Probably loved it more doing it 100% than I do now I've started part-time eating again! I had three stone to lose - the fasting combined with C25K has seen the first stone disappear in a month (probably just retained water), but I look much better and feel great with it. (rebootwithjoe.com/ ... other juice fasts are available.) Disclaimer: make up your own mind, check with your GP, etc...

Also reading "Eat and Run" by Scott Jurek. He's a world renowned ultramarathon runner and vegan. Crazy running stories interspersed with recipes.

That's the approach I'm taking in a nutshell. Expend more energy that I put in, and only put in the good stuff (and *plenty* water).

Oh, and I only run *before* breakfast.

Finally, if you want a semi-scientific way to track your weight, record your weight *every* day, and then chart a "five day moving average" (google it if you're not sure). It's a little slow to respond, but smoothes out water-weight fluctuation and shows you the *trend*.

Good luck losing yours!

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Join the NHS weight loss club in tandem with C25K. It gives advice and tips along with the same kind of mutual support you get from this site.

Many C25k members can be found there so you can build up a good contact group.

Good luck. :-)

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I've lost 32kg since starting the c25k in march 2012 (had lost 35kg, but the christmas happened!). As well as c25k I've used the MyFitnessPal app. I think most of the weight loss happened when I started running 5km+

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weighty80Graduate in reply to crox

Great weight loss, well done!!!

I know a couple of folk who really like the MyFitnessPal app - keeping track seems to help you be more mindful and make better choices.

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MatpGraduate in reply to crox

32kg - 5 stone! That's incredible, well done.

I've lost 4kg and was happy! I did it with a combination of C25K and eating a LITTLE more sensibly, I'd like to lose the same again.

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I've lost 4 stone since the end of May 2013, so 8 months in total through slimming world and just started by building my activity gradually. I am just about to start week 8 and prior to starting the c25k my weight loss had slowed to 1-2lb loss a week but since starting most weeks I am losing 3-4lbs although I did enjoy my Christmas a little too much so needed to work on getting my 6lb gain off but as soon as I cut the bad foods and alcohol out I lost 5lb of it in a week :) I am nearly at my target now so will need to keep an eye that I maintain my weight after I do, I can't see it being a problem as my body will start adjusting to the extra exercise I am doing and slow again soon.

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Hi everyone. Thanks so much for the encouragement in your replies. Week 1 run 3 beckons for me tomorrow. I think im more nervous about that one than I was at the beginning!

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kwkirby01 in reply to Rich1987

Hello Rich1987. I'm also on Week 1 run 3 and am trying to lose weight. I'm using the No S diet. It isn't scientific or nutritionally balanced by design, but a way of building up good eating habits - three reasonable plates of food a day, no snacks, no sweets and no seconds, except on special days (days beginning with an 'S' and others you might choose, like a birthday). Google it to find out more. There's a simple logic to it that appeals to me and having tried WeighWatchers loads of times, I think this really might work. Good luck!

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The "No S" diet does sound good. After reading some of the other comments on the site, I realised I've by focusing suddenly on weight loss, I've moved away from my personal goals in getting more in shape. And its precisely that, I want to be in shape. I've said for a long while that I dont really care what the scales say. They are like age, a number. Its about how you feel, not the number. My goal is to drop a jean size (maybe 2, but I wont push my luck!) and then a shirt/t-shirt size up top. My buggest bug bear is my beer belly, so if I can rein that in a little, I'll feel much more confident.

I guess that I kind of am doing the No S diet now. If I NEED to snack, its fruit, not chocolate or crisps. I have breakfast everyday. Porridge on a weekday, Crunchy Nut on a weekend (They're too good to cut out completely), a sandwich and some fruit for lunch, and a meal for evening meal with plenty of veg. I'm also massively increasing my water intake, and a 4 pack of lager is a weekend treat now!!

All of this plus the C25K is surely going to be a recipie for being a 34" waist and a 16" shirt size by May!! (Its 36" and 16.5/17" at present)

Thanks again for the motivation, and wish me luck for W1R3 tonight! I'm excited for it because I'm using RunKeeper to monitor distance tonight :)

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kwkirby01 in reply to Rich1987

I agree with about the scales. I want to get in shape, be slimmer and feel better. That may, or may not, result in significant weight loss. But I'll know its working if I feel better.

How did W1R3 go?it was raining hard here when I did mine so it felt harder than my previous run, but I was no here near as exhausted at th end, so something must be going right. Kevin

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Week 1 run 3 went ok thanks. It was tough goimg towards the end but I got there. Changed the route too. I ended up not being on a more or less completely flat route and on a more changeable one. I also used run keeper for the first time alongside the podcast which was interesting when I looked it over. I covered over 2 miles and my pace was 15minutes a mile. So the 8 minutes running means I actually ran approx half a mile which gave me a real boost to see it like that.

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Hi all, when I started C25K I was a size 16 and had already lost 2 stone through healthier eating but it was very tough. I decided to forget about the weightloss for a while and instead, just try to get fit. By doing C25K and really not worrying about anything but not snacking, I have slimmed down to a 14 in about 6 weeks. Physically I am able to do more than ever before and just feel so much better in myself. I guess what I'm trying to say (in a rambling way) is that C25K will make you feel better, which will make you want to be healthier and you will lose weight.

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