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weight loss when running

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even though i am on week 3 run2 completed i have lost no weight. Prior to starting this program i did no regular exercise. My intake of food remains the same and i do try to eat healthy, lots of fruit,veg,fish etc but i have not lost any weight. I was told that running builds muscle which weighs heavier than fat, is this true? Should i just keep a record of my measurements rather than hopping on the scales? Has anyone else come across this i would be interested in knowing if i am not alone.

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As an sure a few others on here will agree, you don't lose much weight during the C25K programme because it's more about teaching yourself how to run for 30 mins, then once you do that three times a week that's when you start to see significant differences in weight.

What you will notice though is that you have more energy and that your shape will start to change..... Above all else you will get a real sense of achievement that you can use this to go onto change your lifestyle.

Good luck and stick with it, it's well worth it in the end.

Happy running

Definitely keep measurements and re measure once a month. Your shape will change. You won't lose any weight yet - I had the same initial disappointment, given I did no exercise before. But once I realised I wasn't going to be losing like I thought, I found I was able to let go of that and just enjoy getting fitter. Week 8 and I no longer have to secretly undo my trousers after dinner ;)

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Ha, at least you could do them up to start with!!

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I had the same problem the first time I tried this program. Though it can be disheartening, KEEP GOING!! It wasn't until around week 5 that I began losing weight but my muscles were much more toned and my waist more defined by that point. Muscle definitely weighs more than fat but is more dense so while you may weigh the same at the moment you'll notice that your figure gradually becomes more toned and sleek.

The c25k plan is a really positive step if you're trying to lose weight, you will see the results in your overall fitness, happiness and body shape even if the scales tell a different story at the beginning. Good luck and enjoy the results!!

Put the following in the search box and you'll get a great old thread up that talks about this a lot more:

(Not) losing weight and why that's ok

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Hi carerof, I have only lost 1kg during the programme, however I went to buy some new trousers last week and picked up my usual size 18 - had to drop to a 16!!! And I can get those on and off without undoing the zip too!

Your muscles will tone up a lot and you will start to look trimmer. Good idea to measure yourself at the outset. I wish I had.

Another issue I have found is that since running I do not get as hungry. I am T2 diabetic and the recommendation is to keep active. I wonder if the exercise is helping my body to metabolise food more efficiently, therefore I am less hungry. Hope so!

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thank you to all of you who have replied to my queries about weight loss. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that there are like minded people out there who care enough to do so.

I will take advise and not worry about the weight as i do feel much better in myself already, motivated, happy and more confident, i guess some of us need a challenge in our life and i think i am one of those people so i am just going to enjoy the run!!!!!

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That's the spirit. Spot on!

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Just want to echo what everyone said below, focus on completing the programme and you will see positive results in your fitness and figure. Remember, weight isn't the be all and end all! We are told about weight and BMI because it is the quickest/easiest thing for a GP to monitor but body fat, blood pressure, measurements etc are all a part of the complex creature that is you. Everytime you complete a week, be proud of that win :)

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First of all, the weight loss happens, but not at the start. I'm a large girl, and I put more weight on during a break from my first attempt at this. I would line everyone up and beg them to measure themselves when starting this program, as that is the first sign of progress you will see and the confidence boost helps dramatically. Measure you chest, bust, thighs, tummy, hips, upper arms and calves. I drew a silly stick person in a notepad each time I did mine and popped my expression into the face for each one! Do this once a week, don't bother with the scales until later. It has only been since week 7 - 8 I noticed weight budging...and trust me, I was still eating absolute rubbish (I'm talking doughnuts, chocolate, biscuits, cake etc)...since then I have graduated, stopped eating so badly (still not well enough) and I have dropped 10lbs and inches and inches off everywhere. Keep going and the results will happen, its inevitable :)

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renetteGraduate in reply to nextjenn

Thanks this helped me: only finished week 2 but was disappointed not loosing a gram. will keep it up

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