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Weight loss and running.

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I originally started the C25K to lose some weight. I know running 5k won’t neccessarily help with weight loss but in the past if I’ve exercised I’ve ate better and tracked food more. Because I’ve enjoyed the programme so much up to know I’ve not really ate any healthier. Now my thinking as turned on it’s head. I actually want to lose weight to make me a better runner. I’m sure if I stop carrying 2 extra stone around with me I ll be a better runner. How have others found the correlation between 5km and weight loss.

I’m determined to do it. I Just wish I’d kept a better eye on it so I was a bit leaner for my graduation in 2 weeks .

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There is a direct correlation between the weight we carry and our running ability. Try running a mile and then try again carrying a 10lb sack of potatoes!! :)

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Yes 🙂 I started C25k as part of my weight loss plan. I lost nearly five stones by combining exercise with healthy eating. I took up walking more first,then as the weight started to come off, I started to learn to run with C25k

You have to make healthy eating and drinking a priority and a lifestyle choice, which I do now, to stay on top of things. Running helps enormously in that respect. I walk a lot more now in general. I hardly use the car these days.

Losing two stones is perfectly do-able but do it sensibly. If you cut out things like pop, biscuits, bought cakes, crisps etc, reduce alcohol etc you will soon see a shift

Good luck 👍😃🏃‍♀️

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Nwrkpak in reply to misswobble

I don’t drink at all but I eat too many sweet things. I had an injury which means I have very little taste and can only taste sweet. My mind still craves savoury rubbish so I eat that , then because I couldn’t taste anything I crave something sweet and eat that too. My injury is relatively new , 3 years , so I’m still trying things and and I’m usually disappointed with what I can’t taste. I know I need to get into a healthy eating regime and be as determined with that as I have been with the C25K .

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I've lost 6lbs so far directly from running. I started cycling last April and have lost 22lbs since then up to now. Primarily exercise and some better eating choices. I notice a difference especially trying to push my backside up big hills! 🤣😂

The more you do, the more you'll be rewarded.👍😁

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You have the right approach. Running 5km will not, on its own, contribute much to weight loss. It is the combination of drinking more water, eating smaller, healthier portions of food and regular exercise that will do it. Follow that ‘trinity of health’ for 1-5-10 years and you’ll lose weight and it will stay off.

I have the greatest admiration for those carrying extra weight and learning to run. I cannot imagine strapping an extra couple of stones onto my back and being able to run, but running 5k, even daily, is not going to burn a significant amount of calories to reduce weight.

Running for an hour or more will begin to help burn fat, but regardless, it is a balance between calories in and calories out. If you have a deficit, you lose weight.

Thanks for all the comments. I will continue to track / reduce the calories in and increase calories out and keep up with the running with the hope that I will lose the pounds . In the long term it has got to make me fitter and able to run a little faster and a little further .

The more exercise you do the more inclined you are to eat well, the more interest you have in stretching and breathing and doing more exercise and so on, and it becomes a virtuous circle.

I used to have that mindset, but since I had an accident and damaged my olfactory nerve, with sweet being the only thing I can taste, I now eat too much of it. I’m hoping to change that habit in the next few weeks and months.

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WalkingWithLabradorsGraduate in reply to Nwrkpak

What about any low sugar recipes? Dates and bananas replacing the more damaging sugars? Have you tried the recipes?

Yes , I bought a Davina low sugar book and followed that well for a while and slipped into bad habits. But you’ve reminded me about the book thanks. I ll dig it back out . Her and Ella use dates a lot I remember.

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WalkingWithLabradorsGraduate in reply to Nwrkpak

I have used that book and I put weight on 😂. It was so delicious!! Need to try the low sugar diet.

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As IannodaTruffe said , running for longer times at a slower pace will burn more cals than running faster for a short time. Brisk walking for even longer times will burn off even more. Moving your physical body from one place to another by means such as walking, jogging, running all require much the same amount of energy expenditure - it just takes longer to walk it than run it. However, it is probably more likely that most of us can walk further than we can run.

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I started running initially to lose weight too. It didn't work and like you I was about 2 stone overweight. I stopped running ( due to unrelated injury) and piled on more weight. So I had to do something and despite trying to diet I couldn't shift the weight. I read about the Blood sugar diet (Dr Michael Mosley) and decided to give it a go.( Science behind it made sense to me) I lost weight quickly and have kept it off so have started running again. It is so much easier to run without carrying all the extra weight and I'm finding now that I'm toning up despite eating more and feel much better for it. Good luck with your journey.

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